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The Liars Club: Heinous and Hypocritical Herschel — Addendum

A blog category briefly showcasing the “my-goal-is-to-destroy-democracy” lies of the president of the Liars Club, Donald Trump and his blind and groveling cronies.

Republican Senate “candidate” Herschel Walker is a documented liar in so, so many arenas.

But the current far-right extremist monopoly of the Republican Party no longer cares about truth, integrity or even the health of our democracy.

Liars stick together.





3 thoughts on “The Liars Club: Heinous and Hypocritical Herschel — Addendum

  1. Not only is there a “Liars Club,” the “Liars Club Fan Club” is in residence at First Baptist in Atlanta:

    “On the morning after an explosive news report that U.S. Senate hopeful Herschel Walker paid for a girlfriend’s abortion in 2009, the Georgia Republican attended a closed prayer event at First Baptist Church in Atlanta.

    “[Senior Pastor Anthony ] George continued his role of helping stump for Walker during Tuesday’s prayer luncheon. In a video shared on Facebook by an attendee, George and Walker are on a stage with Walker campaign signs on either side.

    “The repeated chorus of “amen” throughout the event indicated that those present remained committed in their support for Walker despite the latest allegation… Big crowd and we gave Herschel a standing ovation.”

    What was it that Forrest Gump said? Oh, yeah, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    But wait, maybe not so stupid. After all, under 501(c)(3) rules, it’s our tax $’s paying for their stupidity.

    No wonder the first thing the GOP wants to do if it takes back Congress is to defund the $80 billion allocated to the IRS to rebuild its workforce. No way they’d want to mess with this treasure trove of free $’s?


  2. There is no shred of honesty, integrity, decency, fairness, compassion, empathy, humbleness, or humility left in the party. They are a cult of liars, cheats, and thieves out to destroy the world and claim it as their own.

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