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Breaking News: Great New Bowls!

I LOVE discovering new and exciting products which make our lives easier … and more delicious.  Take this evening, for example–I was meandering the aisles of one of the local CVS’s here in Savannah (for true locals: the CVS on Waters where the front wall fell off a few months back, remember?  The wall that fell on the front of that poor woman’s car?)

Anyway, after about thirty minutes of pushing the buttons on some of the battery operated toothbrushes (Dora the Explorer … so cool!) and smelling under-$9.99 men’s cologne, I happened upon this:


Bowls made outta bacon!  How ingenious is that?!


I plan to start eating my healthy arugula and kale salads in my new meat bowls.


And if I want to start cutting up my own slabs of bacon:


Cool knife with a bunch of holes in it.

I LOVE shopping at my local CVS!  Thank you.

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