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Today’s Challenge: B.C. Scenario

One of my least favorite phrases in the English language has to be … “worst case scenario.”  As in, “I just ate two whole barbecued hogs.  Healthwise, what’s the worst case scenario for my action?”  And we all know those people who live according to the worst case scenario philosophy of life, always looking for the bad to happen.  “See that little mark on my arm?  It’s probably the deadly kind of skin cancer!”

Well, not today!  Here’s my challenge (and it’ll only take a couple of minutes.)  Think about a specific area of your life, such as a relationship or your finances or your health or your garden or your Aunt Bertha or … whatever.  Then imagine the BEST CASE SCENARIO for that area.  What results would make you hoot and jump for joy?  SEE those results in your mind.  And note how that imaginary seeing makes you feel.


Let’s become best case scenario people.

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