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Breaking News: News about News


It comes No Surprise to me (and probably many of you) that more and more studies are popping up which show that watching/listening to/reading bad news is a contributing factor to stress and depression.  Duh.  (Similar to my Unpopular Belief that watching gratuitously violent movies is a contributing factor to the violence in our world today.)

A while back I published a post, News? Whose?, about this very issue, coming to the conclusion that it’s probably best NOT to spend large amounts of time in front of the “news.”

Well, here’s a recent NPR story, “Bingeing On Bad News Can Fuel Daily Stress,” about news and stress.  You can either listen to it or read it.  It’s short.

Read or listen to it HERE.

Wait, did I just ask you to read or listen to bad news?!


But the positive idea is that we should probably turn away from being INUNDATED with bad news.  It’s one thing to be informed, another to be inundated.

See my post that I mentioned above for some links to good news sites–there really are some!



Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking


Here’s a quite interesting (and thought-provoking) take on the pursuit of happiness.  It’s a short video by journalist Oliver Burkeman introducing his new book,  The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking.


I’ve decided to start a new blog called Don’tEnJoy: We’re All Gonna Die! 



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