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Five Friday Happy Bringers (3/9/24)

Hey, It’s Friday again!  And the Friday before Spring Break.  Yes sir!  Here are Five Things I am Happy About:

1.  My GSU colleague and hall mate Amanda Hedrick has to be the coolest dresser on the planet.  Below is what she wore Tuesday.  Her uber cool dress made me (and everyone around her) HAPPIER.  (Okay, not just her dress, but Amanda too!)










2.  Being able to walk.  I take so many fundamental things for granted.  If you can, stand up right now, and take a few steps.  Can you BELIEVE you can do that?  It’s amazing.  And I am grateful.

3.  Early (almost) spring in downtown Savannah:










4.  Being a teacher.  (Although I still worry from time to time that people are going to figure me out–that I don’t really know what I’m doing–and boot me.)

5.  Did I mention that SPRING BREAK is next week?!

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