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Josh and the Open Door


Here’s a “London, Ontario high school student [Did you know there is a London in Canada?] named Josh. After his father passed away, not only was he feeling depressed and alone, but he was bullied relentlessly by the kids at school.  Then one day it all changed when he decided to open doors. It was a simple act, but it had a big impact that helped him change his life around. The kindness didn’t end there though, you’ll have to see the video.”  (WestJet)


Isn’t it absolutely amazing what can pass through an open door?

Did you see Frozen?  Remember the song “Love Is an Open Door”?  This story made me think of the song.  (Okay, maybe the guy was a loser, but still the sentiment is true.)


CHALLENGE: Open some doors!  Go ahead, do it!


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