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UPDATE — Five Friday Happy Bringers (2/24/12)

It’s Friday again!  And here are Five Things I am Happy about:

1.  My incredible students I have the privilege of working with.  I enjoy the best job in the world.

2.  Being able to say, “Sup?  You like dubstep?”  (And feel all cool and hip.)  Recently in one of my composition classes, as we were sharing from our gratitude journals, Jayson said that he was thankful for dubstep.  Of course, I had no clue what he was talking about.  It’s at this point when teachers always have to make an internal decision: “Do I simply acknowledge the student with a neutral ‘Oh, ok, thanks’ or the more honest ‘huh’?”  (‘Huh?’ has played a significant role in my career and life.)  I asked Jayson to explain.  It seems that dubstep is pretty hot right now, a type of electronic dance music that got its start in South London.

Jayson, with laptop upright, said, “I can pull some up real quick if you like.”  On a scale of 1-10, I rank a high 10 in Student Ease of Getting Prof off Subject.  I immediately and completely forgot what the day’s lesson was, and even that I was a teacher, and said, “Sure!”  In much less time than it takes me to remember that music devices no longer have knobs, Jayson had found and started playing Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”:

Now you’re cool and hip too.  (I tried dancing to dubstep when I got back to my office, but messed up my left hip.)

3.  Continuing coolness by creating a QR Code myself for my blog, and sort of knowing what that means.  Quick Response codes are cropping up everywhere these days: in magazine ads, on bulletin board posters, etc.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them being tatooed 666-ishly on arms soon.  If you have a smart phone, download Scanlife (or a similar app), point your camera toward the QR code, and a correlating website zaps up on your screen.  Here’s mine.  Try it, but of course you’ll just end up right back here.  Go ahead; I’ll wait for you.

























4.  Gladness because you’re back.

5.  Possessing the wonderfully liberating ability to laugh at myself and at life.


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