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2013 Savannah Irish and Cherokee Indian/Native American Book and Bee Festival

I went to the Savannah Irish Festival last Saturday.  I have some Irish blood from my father’s side of the family.  Really, I do.  Saye or Seay or Seaye = “one who lives by the sea.”  (Oh how I wish.)  I also have some Cherokee Indian blood on my mother’s side.  Is it okay to say “Indian”?  Because “Cherokee Native American” sounds a little funny.  But maybe that’s just me.










I also went to the Savannah Book Festival on Saturday.  I have books in my blood as well.  (And books in my oven–but that’s another odd story for another post.)










Between the two festivals I went to the Savannah Bee Company on Broughton.










(FYI next year I plan to host the 2013 Savannah Irish and Cherokee Indian/Native American Book and Bee Festival.)

But now I’m going to tell you a little about the Irish Festival.

After getting my picture taken at the festival entrance and buying a $5.00 ticket to win a $5,000 trip to Ireland (“Neal will win!  Neal will win!”  Say it with me), I met the sweetest Irishy-looking lady, who reminded me of an older Molly Malone.  We developed an instant rapport.










After a lunch of fish and chips, and an Irish banger, I moseyed up the Civic Center stairs to Kevin Barry’s Pub Stage and listened to the hauntingly melodic voice and guitar of Carroll Brown.  I was going to go back downstairs and ask somebody WHY the heck the famous female group Celtic Woman had the singular “Woman” in their name instead of the plural “Women,” but the folks I came with (not a one Irish) convinced me to stay for comedian/singer Seamus Kennedy’s performance.  Oh why did I listen to them!

Seamus (pronounced “shame us”), originally from Belfast, entertained with a ready wit, tongue-twisters and audience participation songs.  So of course when he introduced “The Alligator Song” and called three cute little kids to the stage to help him, he couldn’t just stop there and sing the song.  No, he looked directly at me on the second row and ordered me to come to the stage.  (Remember I’m shy, painfully at times.)  Egged on–like those weirdly dressed characters on The Price Is Right–I had no choice.  (I retract point one of last Friday’s Five Happy Bringers–2/17/12 about choice.)  The YouTube video below is not professional (duh) but captured me on stage.











Seamus has a great website:   www.seamuskennedy.com

I have decided to retire from college teaching and become a famous Irish singer.  Should I call myself Celtic Man or Celtic Men?

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