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Mom Phone

Have you seen this mom appreciation video from Kid President?


Mother’s Day approaching!!


Kid President’s Advice to New Babies


I love Kid President’s advice to babies on their first day of life.






“Not Cool, Robert Frost!”


In case you haven’t seen/heard Kid President‘s Pep Talk (and why haven’t you?!), take a few minutes and watch.



My Saturday Evening Post: Kid Christmas

As you may know, I LOVE the Kid President.  I encourage you to watch the video below.  It addresses the true meaning of Christmas.


Let’s GIVE this holiday season.

Barbeque Sauce? Say What?


As you know (if you have read much of my blog), I believe that our words are SO VERY IMPORTANT.  I love Affirmations–and feel  they hold immense power and authority in our lives.  I even have a category in my blog devoted to them.  One of yesterday’s posts featured an affirmation about our neighbors.  In a way, every word coming out of our mouths IS an affirmation.  But as a teacher I have heard “affirmations” such as, “I’m dumb” or “I’ve never been any good at English.”  Perhaps you’ve expressed (as I have) such sentiments as, “I could never do that!” or “They have it so much easier in life than I do.”


Have you run across the wonderful short videos of Kid President on the SoulPancake website?  No?  You haven’t heard of either?  Well, you are in for a treat!  Here’s the nine-year-old and his “Twenty Things We Should Say More Often.”  Please, please, please take a moment to watch it.  You’ll fall in love with the kid.




SO …




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