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2023 Florida … 2023 Nazi Germany Wannabe?

I have lived in Georgia all of my life. Throughout my childhood, my family joyfully vacationed each summer in Jacksonville Beach, Florida at the now defunct Silver Sea Motel. What wonderful memories.

And I have always had a little love affair with the state just south of us. Beaches on both sides! Oranges! Disney! Cruise Departure! Sunshine! Coconut sunscreen fragrance! Escape!

But no more.

“Governor” Ron DeSantis, with his agenda of hatred and exclusion for anyone who doesn’t look and think like him, has created what I believe is as potentially dangerous as Hitler’s rise to power in Nazi Germany.

And like with Hitler, millions of the Blind to Truth are following his down-with-democracy spiral.

DeSantis: In the sunshine state (and if he gets his way, in the nation) we don’t want Gays. And down with Drag Queens. We don’t like the history of Black People, or even Black People as far as that is concerned. Hispanics? Nah. A Woman’s Right to Control Her Body? Are you kidding? And common sense gun laws? Absolutely not!

Thank goodness we have leaders who will courageously warn us of the horrors of DeSantis and his ilk.

The Hill

My African-American husband HR and I will not be going to Florida anytime soon. It’s too dangerous.