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The Importance of Standing By



Perhaps the most Significant and Meaningful Course of Action we can ever take for another person is simply to Support him or her.  To Be There.  To Stand By Them.

I challenge you this rainy (in Savannah) Monday evening to think of a few people in your life you most definitely will Stand By — and tell them, though a visit, phone call, a text, an email, or even a Facebook message.

Here is The Pretenders’ 1994 version (the best) of the song “I’ll Stand By You”:


Have you thought of a few people yet?  Go ahead, tell them!  Don’t wait, or you will forget about my challenge.


Here are a few other versions of the song.

Rod Stewart:


Team Shakira from The Voice:


Carrie Underwood:


And tell me and my readers who you are standing by.


As a blogger, I’ll stand by you.

Are there people in your life you can say this to:

“I’ll never desert you.”

“Even if you’re wrong, I’ll stand by you.”






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