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Birthday Happiness, Ellie and Kevin!

One of the many, many things I really LOVE in life is the ongoing, joyful celebration of special days–holidays, religious observances, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.  I delight in Special Days.

Well, Friday evening I ambled over to the beautiful Ardsley Park home of Kathryn Osborne (and her daughter Olivia, who planned the event) to attend the joint Nov. 30th birthday celebration for two buddies–Ellie Covington and Kevin Schamaun.

Here’s the always-fun birthday girl and boy, Ellie and Kevin:

El 10

El 18

And here I am kinda crashing/breaking into the festivities (I’ve gotten pretty good at interrupting people’s lives):

El 11

El 14

El 5

El 19

Kathryn and I enjoying the great porch weather.

El 3

El 2

I got to know the coolest couple, Mair and Dwight Campbell, who are fortunate enough to spend half the year up in Canada and the other half out on Tybee Island.

El 15

El 22

(I am seriously considering begging Mair and Dwight to adopt me.  Can you adopt a child who is in his … post-middle years?  If you’re a lawyer, get back at me asap.  Thank you.)

Local singer/band member Antar Ellis provided some very hip entertainment with vocals and the piano.

El 16

El 8

El 9

Good buddy Jamie Marie Smith accompanied Antar on some little shaky moroccos.

El 20

El 7

El 6

What a wonderfully joyous Special Day.

El 4

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