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There ARE Real Heroes


A while back I posted on the negative quality of most news sources today (which, in retrospect, constituted a pretty negative view in itself).

Well not so today!

Did you read, or see on TV, the wonderfully good-certainly-does-abound story about twenty-one year old college star athlete Cameron Lyle?  Completing his senior year at the University of New Hampshire and his final season on the track and field team as a stellar shot putter, Cameron is giving up the last part of his athletic career in order to donate bone marrow to a young man in desperate need of it–and whose only match right now is … Cameron.

Here’s a link to the cool story:   http://www.today.com/health/i-never-had-second-thought-college-athlete-cuts-career-short-6C9670404#i-never-had-second-thought-college-athlete-cuts-career-short-6C9670404


See?  There ARE real heroes.  Real Iron Men.


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