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“Everything I Touch”: An Affirmation







Are you familiar with the concept of AFFIRMATIONS?  Simply put, they are the statements, thoughts, or even feelings which we say, think or feel about ourselves and our world.  We “affirm” all the time; I suppose everything we say, or even every thought we think, could be considered an affirmation.  I have been studying the theoretical underpinning of affirmations (and their connection to happiness) for a while now, and I use them on a daily basis.  I will share more about this idea another time.  For now, I believe  they can be a key component of a joyful life.

EVERYTHING I TOUCH IS A SUCCESS” is a favorite affirmation of mine.

I challenge you to say it to yourself–and then out loud.  How does it feel?  Like it’s not the truth?  Maybe.  Probably.  But doesn’t the IDEA of the message feel good?  If you can say “yes” truthfully to that question, then you’re touching on the heart of affirming.  Try writing it on a card and reading it from time to time.  See if it makes you feel better.  Can’t hurt.

And besides, don’t you want that statement to be true?  I sure do.

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