About Neal


Hello all, my name is Neal Saye.  I live in gorgeous and historic Savannah, Georgia.  My passion in life is learning about/exploring/playing with the subjects of JOY and HAPPINESS. I’m a recently retired English professor.  I retired from full-time college teaching in the department of Writing and Linguistics at Georgia Southern University in June 2012 and last year from adjunct status at the Savannah College of Art and Design–ESL/Language Studio.  What I’m doing now is trying to discover what makes us joyful, productive, contributing.

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Email: sayeneal@gmai.com


Courses Taught at GSU: Composition I; Composition II; Everyday Creative Writing; Writing and Humor; Creative Nonfiction; Turning Points and Connections; Classroom Writing Strategies; Revision, Grammar and Culture; Bestselling Novels: Their Message and Meaning

at SCAD: English 193: Composition for International Students


Awards (woo hoo) at GSU:

Georgia Southern University Professor of the Year

GSU Award for Excellence in Contributions to Instruction

Dorothy Smith Golden Award for Teaching Excellence, Writing and Linguistics Department

award 1

Most Approachable Professor” Award, Success-In-U Program

Funniest Professor” Award, Success-In-U Program


Curriculum VitaeCV SCAD Version

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11 thoughts on “About Neal

  1. “Most Approachable Professor” Award and “Funniest Professor” Award from your peers, that’s an impressive endorsement. You have book knowledge, wisdom and a sense of humor, now that’s the best combination of all, I think, when it comes to making people feel good about themselves.

  2. Hi, Neal,
    I think your blog’s subject is so refreshing! Thanks for visiting mine and keep in touch. I love feedback, especially from wise people, and you seem to be one.


  3. Hey Neal, we never talked about it the other night but do you know Robert Holden, I consider him the Happiness guru from Great Britain. It seems you happiness guys have great senses of humor…….go figure! Anyway, we have read his books and just love him. I also have one of his recent Hay House talks that I’d love to share with you if you’d like.

  4. If you’d been my teacher (way back when), my school memories would be memorable.
    Before my daughter was born (she’s now 16), I worked for Prentice Hall Publishers, High School Division. During my eleven years, I observed many teacher-based focus groups. There were certain teachers who gave valued feedback – I pictured them as I read your About.
    I am a substitute teacher now. Some days I teach, other days I might be act as a teaching assistant. When I wear the assistant hat, I have the privilege of observation. Every so often there is a special teacher, one who teaches, interacts and truly enjoys the job. I think wow, both the instructor and the students are lucky.

  5. You had a short stint at Brewton-Parker College in Glennvile in 2006-07. I enjoyed you and your class and still talk about that time. The Kite Runner is still a favorite. Happy retirement or at least semi retirement.

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