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My New Blog Address/Link

Here it is:


“Oh Saye, Can You See?

Come visit!


A Label-Free World (for 2018)

Hello out there.  I did this blog post quite a while ago, but thought in today’s adversarial political and cultural environment, it might be relevant.  We (okay, I!) judge others much too quickly.

Let’s try, in this new year with relatively few mistakes in it so far, to give each other the benefit of the doubt, to refuse to label somebody or some thing based on initial interactions or our preconceived notions.


What an incredible truth!  (And, oh gosh, how it indicts me.)


I LOVE this short video about labeling:



2018: A Label-Free Year (at least for you and me).


A Call to Calm, A Call to Reset

I love Brand New Years, with no mistakes in them.

[Okay, with relatively few (major) mistakes in them.]

Perhaps it is because I just recently celebrated (?) my suxteee-sickth birthday, that I am being all Contemplative about Life, but I want to give you my “Call” for 2018:

A Call for Calm, A Call to Reset.

“Huh,” you say, Returning Blog Reader?

Well, this:  Politically (on both sides of the aisle), I see, hear and sense discord, disagreement and “I’m not working with you.”  It’s really not just Trump.  It’s the political system that is basically adversarial.

“I hate you because you do not agree with me on issues.”

But it’s pervasive in our society, even entertainment.  We say we hate violence, bemoan and suffer over Las Vegas, Charleston and Orlando–and yet go in throngs to movies with gratuitous violence (check out any blockbuster superhero movie), listen to songs which present women as sexual objects to be used and discarded.

Maybe it is time in this New Year to think about what we are doing day by day, vote by vote, movie ticket by movie ticket, song by song.

Breathing is Life.  Deep in, deep out.  Deep in, deep out.  Deep in, deep out.

Calm.  Peace.

Let’s reset in 2018 to a new norm, one that emphasizes Joy, Peace, Calm and Getting Along.

We really can find Good if we look for it.

Joyous 2018!












“All is well.”


Trying saying it.  Even out loud.  Just to see how it feels.



Sunday Morning Quote (8/23/15)

“I do not give anyone else responsibility for the way I feel.”

— Abraham-Hicks/Hay House


(What a bitter pill to swallow.  But what a liberating one!)

A Label-Free World


What an incredible truth!  (And, oh gosh, how it indicts me.)


I LOVE this short video about labeling:




Sunday Morning Quote (7/12/15)

Suggestion:  Try reading this morning’s quote out loud.  See how it feels to you.  If it seems a little fake or unreal, that’s fine; as an experiment, simply try it on.

“I constantly find new ways of looking at my world.  I see beauty everywhere.”

— Hay House “I Can Do It” 2015 Calendar

Here are a few pics I took of beauty I’ve seen (and NealEnJoyed) recently:











This I know, and I know FOR SURE:  We find what we are looking for.  So, what are you looking for this Sunday morning?



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