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Thanksgiving in May

For some reason, we are having a bit of a “cold spell” here in Savannah, which is quite unusual for this late in May.

TIB (Truth in Blogging): Frigid for us is anything under 60 degrees. Right now …

It has also been raining all day.

Sidebar: I’ve kept a gratitude journal for eons now. This morning’s additions …

So, when trying to decide what to have for supper, it hit me …


Thus, using whatever ingredients I had on hand, I decided on Green Bean Casserole and Sweet Potato Casserole. Two classics, right?

I got to work.

Oh my goodness. The deliciousness of fall in spring.

A Joyful May of Thanksgiving to You!

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So HR and I went to a new little cafe near us for lunch today.

It was raining, so we went inside.

Delicious sandwiches

But what warmed my heart the most was the little sign as we entered …



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“The Artful Dodger“ #17

A blog category about finding “art” in unexpected places and situations.

A little while ago, Robert and I were leaving our favorite little Atlanta breakfast place, Homegrown.

Walking toward the car, I heard them before I saw them. Detective-like, I quickly turned around.

They were casually (and somewhat seductively) leaning against the back shed of the little hole-in-the- wall jewel of a restaurant, singing, belting their hearts and souls out.

The Seven Sisters singing their way through The Great American Songbook.

I could’ve stayed there all day, reveling in the joy, the pathos, the excitement, the disappointment, the yearning fullness of their song.

They were us all—EveryWoman, EveryMan—leaning back and leaning into life. Our days, months, and years filled with living the truth of their diverse songs.

But HR finally made me get in the car.

“Neal, other people need to park.”

“And hear,” I thought.

So we made our way back to our midtown Airbnb, but not without the Sisters’ melodies still ringing in my ears and heart.

As we pulled up to our Airbnb, the most amazing thing REALLY HAPPENED, raising goosebumps on my skin. A young lady in a pick-up parked near us. When she opened her door, Robert and I heard her before we saw her—-singing joyfully. She made her way into the other half of the duplex that makes up our Airbnb. She continued to sing as she turned on the vacuum cleaner. Vocal joy. It actually felt a little quietly empty when she got in her truck and drove away.

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Subtle Magic

As I have said, probably far too many times on this blog, I love living in downtown Historic District Savannah.

And one of the reasons? The beautifully unique twenty-two extant squares (two were lost to “progress”).

[Did I punctuate the above properly?]

This evening I am hanging out in Warren Square, the square closest to my own, Washington Square.


This house is not mine.

Those houses are not mine.

But the sidewalk is.


And that magic is free.

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Sunday Evening Joy

One of the great rewards about living where we do in Historic District Savannah is that I can walk two blocks over toward the Savannah River, find a bench, read, and experience the Joy of Nature.

An hour ago

That’s the Savannah River behind me. Looking so peaceful now. But don’t be fooled. It is one of the busiest ports in the nation. And all of the ships travel right behind me.

But not at this moment.


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Weeds?! Says who?!

So I was minding my own business this morning, waiting “patiently” in the car, while Robert did who knows what at a UPS store.

I looked out my passenger side window and saw this …

“Weeds,” I dismissively thought.

Then the sort of chubby one in the middle said to me, “Why are you judging us?”

And then that smaller one to the left said, “What gives you the right?“

Embarrassed, I looked again.

And then I saw my very favorite color,GREEN, beautifully rejoicing in the morning sun.

And I had to agree with so many other folks smarter than me …