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One-Word Wednesday: 11/15/22


So here I am (pic below), at the very top of Georgia’s Sapelo Island Lighthouse last week. Yvonne, our incredible tour guide, (inexplicably and even more incredibly) gave ME these keys and told me to unlock the hatch at the top of the lighthouse for the five of us who braved the winds (of approaching storm Nicole) to go to the very top.

After much struggle, I finally got the HEAVY hatch open, and we scaled the heights.

Robert found everything hilarious up there, while I fake laughed (and held on to him) …

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One-Word Wednesday: 10/12//22


Robert caught me using the WordPress ability to dictate my blog on a break from festivities at Atlanta Pride this past weekend.

As least that’s what he thinks I’m doing.

In reality, I’m checking with my personal assistant Crystalia to make sure she thinks my wooden Pride beads are hip enough for the relentless paparazzi.

She did.