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“The Artful Dodger“ #12

A blog category about finding “art” in unexpected places and situations.

So last night HR and I were at Bar Food Sports, one of our very favorite Savannah restaurants/bars.

We ordered the Carolina barbecue wings (extra veggies, with both blue cheese and ranch dressing, because we so disagree about that—causing near-relationship-ending issues), with a side of spring rolls. I know, I know, that’s mixing cultures and all kinds of things.

I was minding my own business, enjoying the vibe, when, lo and behold, I reached for a spring roll artistically placed on a bed of shredded lettuce, took a bite, asked Robert for a quick little kiss, looked down and saw this …

Both our last names start with S. “Saye” for me, “Smith” for HR.

“The universe must be telling us something!!!” I over-enthusiastically semi-shouted to Robert.

He stared at me, as if I were a child, picked up a wing and gnawed it to the bone.

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Late Sunday Evening Reflection

I just don’t get the ongoing racism in our world. Even though I am sure as a 70-year-old white man, I have racist assumptions and probably racist actions now and again.

As you know, if you follow my blog, I am married to a black man, HR (Husband Robert), The joy of my life.

Today we were at my grandtwins’ 10th birthday party (more about that in another post).

Three -year-old granddaughter Isabelle was all about Robert holding her throughout the party. Not me. Robert. He was more fun.

Isabelle kept wanting to have her foot pictured. And of course Robert obliged.

If only we all had the intelligence and the footprint of three–year-olds.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 7/22/22

1. Leftover Low Country Boil. Yum!

2. Air conditioning. Air conditioning. Air conditioning. Our real feel here in Savannah is 100+ nearly every day lately.

3. Grandson Daniel in Savannah Theatre’s summer production of “Grease.” Great music and fun.

Not a great pic—we were up in the balcony. But you get the idea.

4. The inexplicable joy of having a husband who loves my ex-wife Donna and works hard on projects for her. Here he’s putting together a picture frame hanging thingy for a puzzle. I quickly lost interest and started a lengthy internal debate about how much pink Himalayan sea salt I should shake on my butter pecan ice cream.

5. The power of prayer.

I pray you have a brilliant weekend ahead.

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“Robert and … #20

A blog category of pics I’ve taken of HR (Hubby Robert) and … well, just about anything.

We may be back in Slow-vannah after our week trek to New York, but I’m still NYC remembering.

One night we were hanging out at Hush, a tremendously cool gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen.

After wearing out our welcome, we headed to nearby Lucky’s for burgers.

For some reason (the hour at Hush?), Robert was particularly expressive as we awaited our food. Here are half a dozen HR looks.