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Cutesy Tuesday: “Little Free Libraries”

An occasional blog post category highlighting what I consider to be … cute.

All the “Little Free Libraries” I keep discovering.

Like this one at Seminole State Park in Donalsonville, GA (which Robert and I visited recently).

And where I found this very cool coffee table-ish book.

As frustrating as it is to me, and as disappointing that I’m sure it is to you, I will probably never be a saint.

Here’s HR and a Little Library at nearby Lake Mayer, where we often walk.

Do you have the Little Free Libraries in your area?

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Thanksgiving in May

For some reason, we are having a bit of a “cold spell” here in Savannah, which is quite unusual for this late in May.

TIB (Truth in Blogging): Frigid for us is anything under 60 degrees. Right now …

It has also been raining all day.

Sidebar: I’ve kept a gratitude journal for eons now. This morning’s additions …

So, when trying to decide what to have for supper, it hit me …


Thus, using whatever ingredients I had on hand, I decided on Green Bean Casserole and Sweet Potato Casserole. Two classics, right?

I got to work.

Oh my goodness. The deliciousness of fall in spring.

A Joyful May of Thanksgiving to You!

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 5/26/23

My weekly gratitude journal, of sorts.

1. Yummy little pre-Memorial Day hot dogs at nearby and hip Sly’s Sliders and Fries.

2. After years of living and walking in Savannah’s historic district, still discovering neat little gardens and courtyards hidden behind old brick walls and wrought iron gates.

3. Eyesight. And my new glasses which allow my seeing.

4. Attending grandchildren’s end-of-school-year honors ceremonies.

5. The power of a pickle!

Paired with my veggie-loaded tuna salad topped with spicy chow chow.

Have you tried this brand?

Oh my GOODness!

May you dive into a pickle-worthy weekend ahead!

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“The Artful Dodger“ #19

A blog category about finding “art” in unexpected places and situations.

So the other morning, I was finishing up HR’s yummy breakfast of local country ham, soft-scrambled eggs (one of his specialties—I don’t like hard scrambled!) and black raspberry-covered toast …

… when, Lo and Behold, I looked down and saw him :

But who is he? A character from Finding Nemo or The Little mermaid? Or what?