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The Architecture of Friendship

The other evening Robert and I were out and about here in Historic District Savannah when we happened upon a young couple. Strangers. The young man was perched on the sidewalk, photographing the striking statuary in the front courtyard of The Telfair Museum when we walked by.

He started up a conversation by showing us his terrific black and white pics. We hit it off immediately and went to World of Beer where we enjoyed a couple of hours of newfound camaraderie, discovering a truckload of common interests and concerns. Great fun.

As we were finally saying our goodbyes, the young man suggested that he take a picture of our feet together. I cherish out-of the-blue ideas like that!

We all loved the result. And we appreciated the truth of the young man’s closing comment: “Now we’re all in the stream together.”


About Standing (in Kinship)

We all have the same little bones in our feet
twenty-six with funny names like navicular.
Together they build something strong—
our foot arch a pyramid holding us up.
The bones don’t get casts when they break.
We tape them—one phalange to its neighbor for support.
(Other things like sorrow work that way, too—
find healing in the leaning, the closeness.)
Our feet have one quarter of all the bones in our body.
Maybe we should give more honor to feet
and to all those tiny but blessed cogs in the world—
communities, the forgotten architecture of friendship.

— Kimberly Blaeser

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 5/20/22

1. Passionate Purple.

Photographed in several Savannah squares near us.

2. Grandtwins Madison and Matthew’s 4th grade awards ceremony.

With terrific teacher Mr.Range
Ex-wife Donna, Daughter Emily, HR and the twins (with Matthew looking a tad less than enthusiastic.)

3. Attending a tea tasting fundraiser for healthy new tea blend Equi-Tea at our buddy Wayne’s Ashford Tea Company here in Savannah. Proceeds from the sale of Tisane Health Equi-Tea support a wonderful organization, Healthy Savannah.

Cool tea expert Wayne

From Healthy Savannah’s website: “When we picture a healthy Savannah, it is inclusive of all people – regardless of ability, age, income level, race, or neighborhood. Everyone must have equitable access to the resources they need to live their healthiest life.”

“Healthy Savannah’s work over the past 13 years has been successful in reducing the gap in health equity. That is the power of our 200-member coalition, our close relationships with the local government leaders, the faith-based community, and residents in our priority population and neighborhoods.”

Me (looking slightly crazed and short), Larson
(Communications and Community Clinical Linkages Program Manager of Healthy Savannah) and Paula (Executive Director of Healthy Savannah)

More info here if you’re interested:

4. Frozen Joy.

Oh. My. Goodness. SO GOOD.

5. Gratitude for each new morning!


I’m grateful for you too. Have a cool and delicious weekend!

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Here’s What I Have to Put Up With

I don’t know about you, and I don’t claim to be an exercise physiologist, so correct me if I am wrong, but I always thought that walking involved movement. Especially your legs propelling you forward.

HR comes from an alternative school of thought. The “Walk Till You See Something—ANYTHING—That Grabs Your Attention Philosophy.” Then stop and take multitudinous (Is that a word?) photos of the attention grabber. You can always edit—and walk—later.

So this morn, we ventured out on our SMW (Sunday Morning Walk), which we often do instead of church (nature’s sermons are much more interesting).

If I wanted to hold a grudge, I could document at least a dozen “attention grabbers” Robert stopped for this morn. But let’s allow two to suffice.

We paused for a good five minutes at this “interesting” old chopped-up bush.

I think I’ve told you this before, but Robert NEVER thinks to inform me that he is going to “stop for the op.” After all, his attention has been grabbed! I usually end up walking at least a block away, chattering animatedly about some important topic, like how disappointed I was in the last season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. When I realize HR’s nowhere near me, I turn around and head back, ignoring the sympathetic stares and giggles of people who heard me talking to myself.

And looky here …

A caterpillar! (A good ten minutes.)

This stop was multidimensional for Robert. 1. To take twelve dozen photos. 2. Good Samaritan-ly to save an innocent life. The caterpillar was in the middle of the sidewalk. (We watched the Tiny Worlds documentary series.)

It’s important to take the time to document the caterpillar’s body from EVERY conceivable angle.

Here are a few of HR’s pics …

See what I have to put up with?


But when all is said and done—and photographed—I do love our walks. And I do love HR.

Southern Magnolia bloom

He’s my blossom.

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Monday Moaning or Monday Marveling?

Marveling at getting to see and hear Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams here in Savannah on Saturday, making her case for why she should become Georgia’s next governor.

Getting out of her car and being greeted by Savannah Mayor Van Johnson
Such an inspiring speaker.

“I come here because I know Coastal Georgia, Savannah, you all face different challenges. We’re all in need of Medicaid expansion, we need health care in the state of Georgia fully funded so our children aren’t fighting for resources, we all need good jobs in the State of Georgia that pay a living wage, a livable wage.”

And about our recently signed-into-law insane “constitutional carry” bill which allows the carrying of concealed weapons WITHOUT A PERMIT in our state. (It should be called “criminal carry.”)

“In Georgia right now, we have a governor who is making Georgia the wild west. He is not respecting public safety,” Abrams said.

And look! Orange-flowered HR made the news …