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Five Friday Happy Bringers 3/3/23

1. A beautiful spring (almost) morning walk yesterday around Savannah’s Forsyth Park. Here’s Robert trying to steal the show. But I think the azaleas won.

The azaleas are actually breathtaking for this early in March.

2. The beauty of pine cones.

3. Reaching one thousand (!) meditation sessions this week.

4. Attending the coolest outdoor workshop yesterday evening over on Skidaway Island at the University of Georgia’s Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.

For two hours approaching sunset, we hiked among the old growth live oaks and the marsh, ending up at the boardwalk on Wilmington River.

The workshop was for photographers (which HR is, as many of you know). I went along for the ride, walking around and pointing my iPhone camera here and there in what I hoped conveyed a confident “Just look at the depth of field I can evoke from that angle, not to mention the aspect ratio and exposure compensation” sensibility.

Like here …

Don’t I look like I’m doing all those words I said above?

Now that’s a tree trunk.

HR and some Spanish Moss

And here he is worrying me by getting too close to the muddy marsh and the lurking alligators that are abundant in the area.

A few of the other photographers.

A fabulous evening!

5. Early Savannah wisteria …

May you have a photograph-worthy weekend ahead!

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Ty-bee or not Ty-bee?

HR and I drove over to Tybee Island, aka Savannah Beach, (twenty minutes away) for a morning beach walk, actually our first one in 2023.

Robert parked the car near the pier, while looking all cool and beach hip.

(I stood in the shade and daydreamed while he did that parking app thingy, which I don’t quite understand.)

After parking my sandals in the sand, we walked toward the Atlantic.

(FYI: HR does not like to go barefoot on the beach. He doesn’t like to feel those bad little tiny broken shells on his feet.)

(FYI 2: Sometimes you just have to put up with all the quirks in a relationship.)

That’s a cargo ship in the upper left-hand corner, heading toward Savannah’s massive downtown port.

Here’s Robert and a bird.

And here’s a short documentary titled Cold Feet, produced and directed by HR, starring me.

Terrific morning!

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 2/24/23

My weekly gratitude journal, of sorts.

1. White roses.

Is anything more beautiful?

2. The excitement when grandson Gabriel’s junior high basketball team wins their region championship this week.

The one longsleeve is supposedly cool now.

3. The incredible beauty of very late winter in Savannah. (It’s still about a month until the official beginning of spring.)

4. The sensation of Touch. What a joy. I thought of this today when I pulled out a thick beach towel from our dryer. Oh my goodness.

5. This incredibly delicious chocolate croissant from a brand new and very cool bakery near us, Sweet Patricia’s.

May your weekend ahead be delicious.

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Walking along Bay Street near our place here in downtown Savannah, HR and I caught sight of a little green oval tucked into a planter

We walked closer.

And the universe spoke to us.


A beautifully encouraging message arriving at the perfect time.

I received its truth.

I hope you do too.

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Weeds?! Says who?!

So I was minding my own business this morning, waiting “patiently” in the car, while Robert did who knows what at a UPS store.

I looked out my passenger side window and saw this …

“Weeds,” I dismissively thought.

Then the sort of chubby one in the middle said to me, “Why are you judging us?”

And then that smaller one to the left said, “What gives you the right?“

Embarrassed, I looked again.

And then I saw my very favorite color,GREEN, beautifully rejoicing in the morning sun.

And I had to agree with so many other folks smarter than me …


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A Valentine’s Day Miscellany

A few odds and ends from Valentine’s Day 2023.

Taking a walk this morning near us here in Savannah, Robert and I came upon this neat little house.

They go all out every holiday. And I always look forward to their displays.

Those of you who follow my blog may remember that Robert is an MCG (Multiple Card Giver). I used to think it was odd that I would get more than one card for my birthday, etc., but now I kook forward to it.

My valentineS this year:

And open!

My haul

And here’s my card to HR:

(We were both obviously on sort of a gay theme this year.)

His haul

A Blooming Valentine-y February in Savannah …

I hope you’re having a LOVE-ly day.