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A Call to Calm, A Call to Reset

I love Brand New Years, with no mistakes in them.

[Okay, with relatively few (major) mistakes in them.]

Perhaps it is because I just recently celebrated (?) my suxteee-sickth birthday, that I am being all Contemplative about Life, but I want to give you my “Call” for 2018:

A Call for Calm, A Call to Reset.

“Huh,” you say, Returning Blog Reader?

Well, this:  Politically (on both sides of the aisle), I see, hear and sense discord, disagreement and “I’m not working with you.”  It’s really not just Trump.  It’s the political system that is basically adversarial.

“I hate you because you do not agree with me on issues.”

But it’s pervasive in our society, even entertainment.  We say we hate violence, bemoan and suffer over Las Vegas, Charleston and Orlando–and yet go in throngs to movies with gratuitous violence (check out any blockbuster superhero movie), listen to songs which present women as sexual objects to be used and discarded.

Maybe it is time in this New Year to think about what we are doing day by day, vote by vote, movie ticket by movie ticket, song by song.

Breathing is Life.  Deep in, deep out.  Deep in, deep out.  Deep in, deep out.

Calm.  Peace.

Let’s reset in 2018 to a new norm, one that emphasizes Joy, Peace, Calm and Getting Along.

We really can find Good if we look for it.

Joyous 2018!










The Island of Little Library

I’m trying to keep my brain healthy (don’t start) by taking different routes when I’m going places–driving or walking.  (I’m not sure if it really helps or not, but it’s fun seeing new sites and recovering from getting lost.)

This morning, I thought I was driving back home (to historic district Savannah) from daughter Amy’s house (on nearby Skidaway Island) by taking a left when I usually take a right.  (Is that a good idea?)  “I think this will probably lead to Isle of Hope and then though Sandfly back downtown.”

It didn’t.

But it took me to a small island I had not discovered before: Burnside Island …





… and a little surprise.



A tiny library!  Miss Coni’s!  Right there in a shady, wooded spot on the side of the road.


I was mesmerized so of course had to visit a bit.


I chose an age- (and brain-) appropriate book …


… and sat down to read.




Such a fun (and intellectual) way to spend a few lost moments.




Either/Or vs Both/And Thinking?


I am coming to love and appreciate the teachings of Franciscan Richard Rohr.  I am learning so much about the danger of Either/Or thinking.  And the liberating joy of Both/And thinking.


Consider today’s short meditation:



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