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Hello HuggieKitty

So as some of you know, if you follow my blog, HR’s (Husband Robert’s) older cat Boopers passed away recently.

It was a tough transition for Robert.

Robert and Boopers

Boopers’ “brother” Benny has also had a difficult time adjusting to life without Boopers. Especially at night. They often slept together.

Robert and Benny

So Robert recently ordered a HuggieKitty … “companion” for Benny.


HuggieKitty has a heartbeat!

HuggieKitty can purr!

HuggieKitty even has an insertable heat pack to simulate body warmth!

My first thought when HuggieKitty arrived:

“Robert, do you really think Benny is stupid enough to think that is a real cat?! He is much smarter than that. He will have NOTHING to do with … HuggieKitty“


P.S. I have ordered a HuggieKitty for myself in case Robert gets a job as a night watchman, or something.

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Poo Poo Hustle

I’m thinking of my rambunctious grandchildren right now, especially when they were around four or five years old. I’m minding my own business, sitting in the waiting room at my dermatologist for my yearly checkup. A tad nervous.

An obviously frazzled mother is also here with her little son and daughter.

The little fellow speaks up/SCREAMS UP every few seconds.

“Mommy needs to poo poo, don’t you mommy?”

“I need to poo poo, don’t you mommy?”

To the cute and quiet little sister: “You are a poo poo.”

The mother tries to rein him in: “There are other people here. And they don’t want to hear you.”

(From my perspective she was wrong. I am all ears.)

The little fellow: “They all just need to poo poo.”

I inwardly cackled as I was called back to see the doc.

As I was waiting in the examination room, I decided to Google the “kid fascination with poop thing.”

Did you know there are books written on this subject?!

And there’s research being done on it?!

And programs to deal with it?!

My perspective: Don’t let them be cruel or obnoxious, but Let Kids be Kids.

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The Older I Get

The older I get, the more I like pictures like this that Robert took today at our hiking outing at beautiful Wormsloe Historic Site just outside Savannah.

See? The emphasis is on the early evening light falling on the old cast-iron fence. And NOT on my now-completely white hair or deepening wrinkles.

The oak-lined entrance to Wormsloe

HR and the sun

Hello! From Wormsloe.
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“All My Problems”

Robert and I have just finished reading our 157th book together.

That probably needs a bit of explanation. Quite a while ago, we started reading books when we were in the car, 90% of the time with HR driving and me reading out loud (or perhaps taking a quick beauty nap).

Nerd that I am, I keep a record of our readings.

We are eclectic readers, with novels, philosophy, mythology, history, poetry, self-help (at my insistence), religion, etc. on our list.

The book we just finished, Boyfriend Material, is pure escape fiction, a hilarious and heartwarming novel about two opposites: Luc, the messy and often-scandal-ridden son of two aging rock stars and Oliver, a perfectionist English barrister. The story follows the trajectory of their unlikely romance.

At one point Luc decides he must clean up his beyond-filthy apartment before inviting Oliver over.

Here’s Luc …

I’ll let him tell the story …

“At 9 o’clock on Tuesday night, halfway through an episode of Bordertown, I came abruptly to the conclusion that all of my problems would be solved if I tidied my flat. At 9:36 on Tuesday, I came abruptly to the conclusion that this had been the worst idea ever.

I had started trying to put things in places, but the places where I wanted to put the things were already full of things that weren’t the things that were supposed to go in those places, but there were no places to put the things that came from the places, so I then tried to put things back in the places, but they wouldn’t go back in the places, which meant now I had more things and nowhere to put the things, and some of the things were clean and some of the things were very much not clean, and the very much not clean things were getting mixed up with the clean things, and everything was terrible and I wanted to die.

I tried to lie on the floor and sob pathetically, but there was no room.”


This is exactly why I am a minimalist.