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Subtle Magic

As I have said, probably far too many times on this blog, I love living in downtown Historic District Savannah.

And one of the reasons? The beautifully unique twenty-two extant squares (two were lost to “progress”).

[Did I punctuate the above properly?]

This evening I am hanging out in Warren Square, the square closest to my own, Washington Square.


This house is not mine.

Those houses are not mine.

But the sidewalk is.


And that magic is free.

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Shipshape: “And I Sleep”

One of the unexpected joys of living in Savannah’s Historic District, just a couple of blocks from the mighty Savannah River, has been regularly seeing (and hearing) the massive cargo and container ships making their way into our busy port.

The Port of Savannah, the nation’s third largest seaport, is special because the ships leave the Atlantic Ocean, navigate their way inland about 15 miles to downtown Savannah, and pass directly in front of our busiest tourist strip on River Street …

It’s always fun to be on a walk along the river when a huge ship comes into view and watch the shell-shocked tourists gaping at the ships’ sizes.

Here’s a short video from last year when the largest container ship EVER came to Savannah.

And here are a few random shots of ships Robert and I have enjoyed seeing as we walked along the river.

Just the other night …

My shadow and HR

Others …

But, perhaps somewhat weirdly, the greatest Ship Joy of all to me is SOUND.

Robert and I will be in bed (most commonly with HR peacefully asleep and me slowly, slowly heading in that direction). But all of a sudden I will hear it. And perk up. Sometimes even sit up.

From a few blocks away, down on the river. The night ships. The sonorous, plaintive, somehow both exuberant and unexplainably sad horn, sounding from the ship, finally, finally making its way, exhausted, from who knows where into our little city … and past the sleepy little dwelling of Neal and HR.

Listen …

And somehow, that sound, time and time again, makes me realize that we can get from Where We Are … to Where We Need to Be. To a port of rest, to a place of quiet. To a place of, at least temporarily, no more movement.

And I sleep.

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I Can’t Help It …

… I know I’ve already posted my Five Friday Happy Bringers today, but I just got back from a late afternoon walk in my neighborhood here in Historic District Savannah, and I MUST show you what I saw …

The azaleas are just glorious this spring late winter.

The church spires kept urging me to look heavenward.

But there is just so much beauty here below!

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I Love Our D.A.!

My stomping ground, Historic District Savannah, is a lovely place anytime of the year. But D.A (Downtown Autumn) is especially beautiful—and comes in a pretty close second to our Azalea-d Spring.

On a stroll this morning, I decided to ignore the leftover Halloween displays and just concentrate on Fall. Here’s a sampling of what yelled “Hello there, look at me!”

Glorious stairs, leading Up:



Boots? Who wudda thought?

Camellias (Savannah’s “cold weather azaleas”) ready to burst into bloom—and a few getting a head start:


Odds and ends:

A pink pumpkin:

Well, okay.

A cool courtyard:

Two hanging baskets, who drew me close and whispered, “Please. Please. Get us outta here. Haven’t we grown enough?”

Loquats—a native Chinese fruit found growing More often than you would think in historic district courtyards and tree lawns.

And finally, our fair abode, which now seems sorta shadowy compared to all those others I walked by.

But what a beautiful D.A. we have here in Savannah’s Historic District. Thank you, Autumn.