Welcome to my Blog!

Hello! Neal Saye here from lovely Savannah, Georgia. A retired English prof, I’m trying to “re-tire” my life and drive through this scenic time. Thanks for riding along.

Check out my most recent posts:

Good News

Did you see this breaking news? Yes! Wonderful! Here are a few pics from my marriage ceremony with Robert back in 2016. Beautiful memories. And now it seems that our marriage will be protected. […]


Robert and I have been enjoying (well, mostly) leftovers from our Thanksgiving family gathering. He likes the turkey heated up, while I prefer it cold (#152 on our list of differences). The green bean […]

Sunday Night Broth

If you’ve read much of my little blog, you may remember that it doesn’t take much to make me giddily happy. Think Red Hots. When I am in the depths of despair, if you […]


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