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A Father’s Love for His Son


A father’s loving hands, a father’s loving heart.


Setting the scenario:

* A Methodist minister.

* He loves his church.

* He loves his son.


(The Rev. Frank Schaefer, right, and his son Tim.)

* His son is gay.

* His gay son wants to get married.

* Dad conducts the ceremony.

* Dad gets in big trouble with the church.

* A tough, tough, tough situation.


Read the article:


“Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors”: the motto of the United Methodist Church



Same Love:


Pot Pie Smiles

One of my earliest joyful memories as a kid finds me meandering off, on warm summer mornings, to the community playground near my house in Cochran Field, near Macon, Georgia.  My best friend Billy and I would play until our mothers brought us chicken pot pies and sweet tea.  Sitting at the weathered, wooden picnic tables, we would  gobble down our pot pies in their little aluminum containers (which we repurposed as treasure collectors).

I have always loved the creamy texture, the flaky crusts, the green peas and carrots, and the homey, Mama-ish warmth of chicken pot pies (or turkey pot pies but NOT cheesy or veggie pot pies).  Of course, they were FROZEN SOLID forty-five minutes before I had all those lovey feelings as a child.  And back then, I didn’t realize that our mothers were watching The Price Is Right or Queen for a Day instead of preparing fresh, homemade lunches for us boys.

So after buying organic vegetables from the local farm-to-table community market (doesn’t that make me sound health-oriented and grounded yet hip and on-target?), I decided to make a homemade chicken pot pie.  HOMEMADE

First of all, do you have ANY clue how long it takes to chop carrots, celery, peppers and potatoes?  Boil the corn and then scrape it off the cob?  Grate the rosemary?  Roll out the dough?  (Okay, okay, all I did was roll it out of the carton, but still.)

But, oh my goodness, what fun!  I may become a famous TV chef or something!











Swanson’s may do it faster, but not better!

Sunday Morning Quote — 11/4/12

“What you see when you look at something depends not so much on what is there as on the assumptions you make when you look.”

— Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness

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