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My Saturday Evening Post: 9/17/22 “Eggshell What?”

So, Robert and I were enjoying an evening walk here in historic district Savannah near where we live. Minding our own business. When we came upon this …

Wait. You need to look down.

See? Broken eggshells carefully placed at the base of the door to this business.

Robert frustratingly interrupted me by taking my pic as I was trying to start an important investigative report.

But. What? Huh? Eggshells at the bottom of a door?

I tried to research it a bit. But didn’t find too much except for vague references to Savannah voodoo and magic.

What do you think is going on here?

Should I go to the business Monday morning and ask?

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My Saturday Evening Post: 9/10/22 “Savannah’s Resurrection Fern”

On our Saturday morning walk, across the street from us here in Historic District Savannah, we came across resurrection fern bursting forth from … bricks.

Do you know about resurrection fern?

From Southern Living magazine …

The fern looks dead when it’s dry, but when it rains, it becomes beautifully green. Even from bricks.

I’m not resurrection fern, but I’m growing from brick too.

Here’s resurrection fern this evening from outside our front door, looking up.

We could probably learn a thing or two from resurrection fern.

I, resurrection fern, am in the lower left, with my green cousins nearby.
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My Saturday Evening Post: 8/13/22 “Pie Evolution”

Yesterday, I fashioned my only-once-a-season summer tradition …

Neal’s Savannah Summer Tomato Pie.

Both labor and time-intensive, it is nevertheless a delight to the eyes, nose and tastebuds.

First the ingredients. Home grown tomatoes, if possible, and if not, locally grown ones at a produce stand or farmers market. HR and I get ours at Davis Produce a few miles away from us near Tybee Island.

Fresh basil and chives.

Diced bacon and shallots.

Wait, here’s a riveting video!

Layering cheese, bacon, herbs and shallot mixture with the tomatoes.

Into the oven.

An hour later.

Tomato Joy!

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My Saturday Evening Post: 7/16/22 “Granddaughter Isabelle and Encanto”

Youngest granddaughter Isabelle’s 4th bday party today, featuring Mirabelle from Encanto.

Isabelle being presented with a plaque declaring her an honorary candle protector. (Have you seen the movie?)

Isabelle, her mom, HR and me

On Isabelle’s 4th (and many more to follow):

“May she be happy. May she be healthy. May she be safe. May she be at peace and live her live with ease.”

Happy Birthday, Isabelle!