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Strong Spines

Over the valley and through the woods, gathering collards we go. 🎶

Walking in Habersham Village toward our favorite little bar and grill in Savannah, Robert and I saw this …

A mountain of beautiful pre-Thanksgiving collards! Being carefully pulled into our favorite little neighborhood grocer, The Red and White.

The sight brought a sudden jolt of JOY into my heart.

I love collards! They are deliciously beautiful. And they exude such leafy and cruciferous strength.

Collards greens have strong spines!

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The View from Behind #5: “Laughing Flowers”

For some reason, I have always appreciated “the view from behind.” As a child, on the first day of each school year, I was a nervous wreck waiting for the teacher to announce our seating arrangement. Front of the class? 😢 Too much exposure! Far too much responsibility to “be.” A nice, comfy seat toward the back? 😁 Perfect. I get to observe, to “see.” To breathe calmly.

In this blog category, “The View from Behind,” I invite you to join me, somewhere in the back.

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A Prolific Pumpkin Display

On a cool morning walk today, HR and I came upon this incredible fall pumpkin display outside a beautiful Savannah historic district townhome.

OK, maybe the shadows messed that photo up a bit.

Here’s more.

And more.


And look! Here’s HR claiming squatters rights.

October beauty and fun!

And here’s our sad, lone “punkin” …

But he’s a proud one.