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Robert and I have been enjoying (well, mostly) leftovers from our Thanksgiving family gathering. He likes the turkey heated up, while I prefer it cold (#152 on our list of differences).

The green bean casserole and sweet potato pie may be reduced to near crumbs in our fridge, but not the memories of the fun and laughter from Thanksgiving Day.

Here are a few leftover smiles and laughs.

HR and several grandchildren.

Grandson Daniel finding something hilariously, funny, as he poses with his family.

Adam’s patents joined us.

Ex-wife/Best Friend Donna and our TEN grandchildren!

Daughter Emily’s three beautiful girls.
Daughter Amy also finding something hilariously funny. (Like mother, like son.)

A smiling selfie with HR …

… and his festive holiday pins.

Leftovers can be deliciously fulfilling.

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Thanksgiving Parking

So this year Robert and I hosted our big ole modern family’s Thanksgiving Gathering at Skidaway Island State Park here in Savannah.

We rented one of their picnic shelters near the playground and prayed for good weather.

20 of us in all this year.

HR is the family photographer and can get very bossy when telling people where and how to sit or stand.

The youngest. Granddaughter Isabelle.

A joyful gathering.

I hope you had a meaningful and peaceful Thanksgiving Day.

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Neal’s Post from the Past: ”A Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration”

A post from about a decade ago. What was I thinking with my outfit for the day?!


Anyone who has been to Savannah on or around March 17 knows that Saint Patrick’s Day is a pretty …

Big Deal

… in this city! From the Greening of the Fountain and Tara Feis onward, Savannah embraces its Irishness, shamrocks growing and showing up everywhere, an already diverse and fesitval-driven city photosynthetically converting excited energy into green Gaelic joy. And since 2013 St. Paddy Day was Sunday, Savannah opted to hold its primary celebration on Saturday with the parade (the nation’s second largest), River Street revelry and other merrymaking events.

Since Yours Truly lives DIRECTLY on the parade route along Abercorn Street, and since some green Irish blood flows through my veins (Saye =”one who lives by the sea”), I decided to host a little parade-viewing party.

Party Prep Notes For some reason I will never fully grasp, I decided to make Cabbage and Ham in the Crock Pot (or as I call it, Beverly Hillbilly-ishly, “the Slow-Cooking Pot”).   


Now cabbage sounds fine, and even a bit Irish, until you understand that my place is a little under 800 square feet, positioned at the front of a beautiful old building completed in the 1800’s.  Well, the slow-cooking cabbage produced a Rather Strong Aroma (try not to imagine it), first in my apartment, then wafting across the hall to my next door neighbor and fellow party hostess Audrey’s place, then throughout the entire old building, and probably up and down the parade route and on to the South Carolina border across the river.  People were so nice and pretended that the smell made the party more “Irish authentic.”  But a bunch of folks had drinks in their hands, so I’m not at all certain their sensory perception was on target.  AND I noticed they would get a bowlful of steaming, fragrant cabbage and then quickly run out the door to see the next band or float they “had been waiting on.”

Here’s me helping to set up the area for guests to sit and watch the parade outside my building (my windows have the St. Patty tacky shamrock cutouts and green garlands).


Before the parade started, I made a quick tour of the squares close to me.  A few sights:


I met some cool green-clad new friends:


I found this pretty lady pirouetting in front of my apt, so of course I had to get my pic with her:


Here’s across-the-hall stylish neighbor Audrey:


And here’s party guest/good buddy Ellie and her brother encouraging the crowd:


I wish I was brave enough to dance in the street!


Hip green-haired son/father duo Ethan and Kevin:


Former Everyday Creative Writing Student Jaymes stopped by for a while.  (He knows what’s rocking in Savannah.)


Buddies Rich and Edward (who brought party-hit basil lemonade):


Cool St. Patty Baby:


Made great new friends with some folks visiting from Maryland and staying in the vacation rentals in my building (so of course they were party guests too)–Kathy and Karen with their husbands.  And don’t they look SO Saint Patricky?


Preparing to kiss the parade marching men:


(Public Service Announcement:  I think I will rent out my place next year for St. Paddy Day.  Is $2000 for the holiday too much?  I plan to include a HUGE bowl of frozen-but-on-the-table-in-a-jiffy Authentic Irish Cabbage and Ham.)

New kayaking friend Tom with Edward, Rich and me:


Church buddy Diane with Rich, Edward, Robert, Jaymes and me:


Good friend Zach and brother Josh marching in the parade (marching, that is, before I ran out into the street and made them stop).  Their Irish family has been in the parade for something like 1000 years.


What a wonderfully fun Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration!

But sitting here after the parade, I started to worry:  “What if my Crock Pot Cabbage Smell keeps those hundreds of thousands of visitors from coming back to Savannah next year?  Can they trace it all back to me?”

St Pat pic
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I Got Tree Carded Again!

I loved my valentine from Robert yesterday.

I don’t know where he finds these gaily gay cards, but they are such a fun surprise when I open them up. I gasp.

It reminds me of the one from our anniversary back in December.

Mine to Robert was … flat in comparison.

But he got truffles!

And a Love Compass.

Hope you had a good day!

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“Joyful Christmas and Justice for All!”

Robert and I LOVE sending out Christmas Cards! We feel the practice (slowly disappearing?) is a way to pass along a little cordial and heartfelt “Soul of the Season.”

Our card for 2021. Here, we’re sending it to you!

Happiest of Holidays!


What’s the backstory for this year’s card, you ask? Well, I AM super holiday busy (it IS Christmas Eve you know) but if you absolutely insist, I’ll take the time from singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to Robert, and explain.

I get the disturbing impression Robert’s just not that into the song anyway. He hasn’t blinked since the first time I sang the verse about the eight maids a milking—which I keep messing up, so of course have to start over from the beginning.

Anyway, back in September, with the pandemic seeming to ease up a bit, we ventured out on our first you-gotta-get-on-an-airplane-to-get-there trip. We spent a gloriously laidback and uneventful week in the Poconos, then hopped over to Manhattan for another week. (Where were all the people?!)

One day we booked a guided tour of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, led by guide extraordinaire Rob …

What fun we had! And because of Rob, how much we re-appreciated our diverse nation.

When we meandered to the front of Lady Liberty, Rob suddenly threw himself on the ground (!) exclaiming, “I take the best pictures this way.”

And he was right!

Later, walking around Times Square, Robert found Statues of Liberty at every corner.