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Five Friday Happy Bringers 8/5/22

1. Fresh South Georgia okra (my favorite summer vegetable—read more about that truth here) and corn. From Davis Produce not too far from us.

2. Grandtwins Madison and Matthew and their 10th birthday.

They are pure joy.

They each had their own cake.

3. Understanding that each new day, when we wake up, is a gift. A gift to be cherished.

4. Robert and a black cat.

This is “Little Kitty,” my daughter Amy and son-in-law Scott’s cat. We took care of him when Amy and fam (big fam) were down at Universal Studios.

5. My little closet. It’s just mine.

And it reveals how I am a clothing minimalist (Do you really need more than about 30 items of clothing?) Actually I am an everything minimalist. But more about that later.

I hope your upcoming weekend is met with joy, good health, and wonder.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 7/29/22

1. Celebrating with daughter Amy adding another physician to her medical company here in Savannah, Coastal Care Partners. This time a young new pediatrician.

Amy is the redhead to the right. New physician Dr. Alexander is in the middle.

So of course, Robert and I had to get in on the action (and free food). Here we are with Amy and her hubby, co-partner Scott at the ribbon-cutting.

2. The wind beneath my wings.

Sweet chili pepper wings at Bar Food Sports in Savannah near us. Yum!!!

4. HR and I taking grandtwins Matthew and Madison, little Isabelle and ex-wife Donna to the Jepson Center for the Arts here in Savannah for a morning of exploration and joy.

4. The incredible ability to be thankful. And to recognize, celebrate all that we have — our lives, our breath, our hopes and dreams. Our feet and shoes to house them. Our fingers and their ability to touch.

5. HR letting me strategically place various items on his head for photographic practice …

… while he looks at a duck cookie sporting his name.

I hope you’re looking at a happy, healthy weekend ahead.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 7/22/22

1. Leftover Low Country Boil. Yum!

2. Air conditioning. Air conditioning. Air conditioning. Our real feel here in Savannah is 100+ nearly every day lately.

3. Grandson Daniel in Savannah Theatre’s summer production of “Grease.” Great music and fun.

Not a great pic—we were up in the balcony. But you get the idea.

4. The inexplicable joy of having a husband who loves my ex-wife Donna and works hard on projects for her. Here he’s putting together a picture frame hanging thingy for a puzzle. I quickly lost interest and started a lengthy internal debate about how much pink Himalayan sea salt I should shake on my butter pecan ice cream.

5. The power of prayer.

I pray you have a brilliant weekend ahead.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 7/15/22

1. HR’s pizza! Oh my. Goodness.

For some reason (maybe because we’re watching Only Murders in the Building) HR chose a murder weapon to slice the masterpiece.

2. Waking up to a brand new day each morning. What an incredible blessing! (Especially after the picture above.)

3. Elephant Ears.

Stop it! On the plant, not on me!

One of my top three favorite plants in the whole wide world. Here’s an old post about the reasons why …

4. The sleek new white chairs in my therapist Rubi’s office

I am a firm believer that therapists ALWAYS strategically place items in their waiting areas with hidden (HA!), underlying (probably-childhood related) purposes. Here’s my theory about the photo above.

On second thought, I’ll just let the redecorated room itself—and the therapists whose clients wait in the room—speak for itself and themselves:

“Hi there. And welcome back! Look at how fresh and clean everything looks in our, we mean YOUR, waiting area. A tabla rosa-ness to it, don’t you think? This session you’re about to have can be a new beginning to your mental health. But remember we have to do it in 50 minutes. Sit down and make yourself comfortable.”

“The slanting brown legs on the chair? We’re glad you noticed, but come on, you get that, we’re sure. No? Being grounded of course. Connecting to Mother Earth. Therapy doesn’t go straight down and to the point all at once, for goodness sake. It has to slant, meander, hiccup around for a spell. Sometimes quite a spell. Over MULTIPLE 50-minute sessions. And the FOUR legs? Why earth, wind, fire and water, of course.”


I’m sorry but I need to interrupt the room and the therapists for a second here. I took the above photo three weeks ago when the room was just being redone. Look closely at the seat part of the chair. See sort of a crack or opening? I did. And since Rubi had not called me back yet, I looked around to make sure there were no hidden cameras and did what comes naturally to me. I snooped. And, lo and behold, when I placed my hand on the seat part, it was loose. I hoisted it up. It had not been screwed down yet! Okay, again sorry, back to the room and therapists’ spill.


“You might notice the chair is a bit wobbly. That your butt moves up and down and side to side while you’re sitting. No worries. You won’t fall out of it. Just steady yourself. After all, you’ve just got a few loose screws. WE MEAN THE CHAIR HAS GOT A FEW LOOSE SCREWS!!!”


“Hi Neal,” Rubi greets me at my session three weeks ago. “Come on up.” I follow my therapist to his suite but quickly look back at the chair. And it seems to wiggle and wave a bit. I can’t tell if it is taunting or encouraging me.

5. Clouds.

I hope clouds bring you joy this weekend.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 7/1//22

1. Pausing to take a little mid-day snack break.

Seriously? People buy these bags?!

2. Youngest granddaughter Isabelle graduating from pre-school.

With mom Emily
With terrific school headmistress

3. Rain.

4. HR’s new summer do for our trip up to the Catskills and Manhattan.

He’s my cutie.

5. Taking off from Savannah heading to the Catskills to see grandson Daniel in his end-of-drama-camp show.

I hope you are taking off in the direction of a terrific weekend.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 6/24/22

1. Air conditioning! What a blessing.

Yesterday here in Savannah

2. Enjoying Pride month in our humble abode.

3. The ability to read and write.

4. Daughter Emily giving me this old picture she found at a yard sale. It’s special because we had the same one hanging above our fireplace while she was growing up.

5. Having eyes which can embrace truth. Even difficult truth.

May your eyes see a joyful weekend ahead.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 6/17/22

1. HR’s Julia Child-inspired French Hamburger with Mushroom Sauce.

Beyond delicious!

2. Attending last Sunday’s Atlanta Symphony Orchestra to see and hear Conductor/Music Director Robert Spano’s final performance (after two decades). A rousing Mahler’s Symphony #3!

3. Water and our first watermelon of the season.

4. Our living room sunflower.

5. And our gay bamboo!

Hope you have a weekend to be proud of.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 6/9/22

1. HR coming down some stairs at the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston.

2. Always having enough food to eat.

3. Grandson Daniel on closing night of a three-week run as Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” here in Savannah. Robert and I gave him a poster listing all the colors in his coat (from lyrics in one of the songs)

4. Excitement about the wonderful possibility of very soon here in Georgia having the nation’s first black female governor. But more important than that incredible first, having the indisputable best candidate win back Georgia for the good of our state.

[A not-so-happy sidenote: Yesterday someone keyed the side of our car near the Abrams’ decal. The battle for Georgia’s soul is not pretty.]

5. The joyful beauty of looking up.

Gibbes Museum of Art

Hope you see a beautiful weekend ahead.