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Five Friday Happy Bringers 5/13/22

1. Having the Coolest of Grandsons in the history of grandsons. Grandson Gabriel. Age 12.

2. Sitting in a little alcove on a huge chair in Atlanta’s Georgian Terrace Hotel, with a cup of coffee. And a bright light.

I like this pic better.

Here’s HR …

3. Breath. Yes. Being able to breathe! What a joy. And privilege.

4. Wait, did I say coolest grandson? Here’s more of the coolest. GrandTWINS Madison (second from left) and Matthew (doing something weird with his hands) at Field Day this past week. After winning the U.S. Puzzle Competition.

5. Yet another grandson, Daniel this time, with the lead role as Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” which opens here in Savannah a week from today. Doing a selfie while trying on one of his costumes.

A few of the Joseph jokes I’ve been sending him during evening practice…

May you have a joyfully colorful weekend.

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Neal’s Post from the Past: “G”

A post from back in 2014 about my grandson Gabriel, aka “G.”



I have FOUR grandchildren.  (Yes, you’re right, I’m FAR too young.  We all know that.  It’s a given.  But sometimes Mother Nature has a way of bypassing her laws of when people should have grandchildren–and presents them in, well, early, early middle age.)

Anyway, the second-from-the-oldest-grandchild is Gabriel, 5, a rambunctious bundle of pure little boy-ness.  He’s often affectionately referred to simply as “G.”  In his most recent pre-K school report, the patient-as-a-saint and give-her-a-raise teacher wrote that Gabriel is “smart, funny, with many friends … and has a touch of naughtiness.”

Here’s G (on the far right) with a few school buddies,


And here he is the other night with older brother Daniel (8).


Today I received this text from my daughter/G’s mom Amy:


The brutal honesty of children.



Back to 2022. Here’s Gabriel yesterday trying on his new contacts.

And over the weekend playing basketball against a much bigger fellow.

G’s team won! Think “David and Goliath.”

After I finished this post, I shared the old picture of Gabriel and Daniel with Amy. She found an old video of the same night when they were dressed in the oversized jackets…

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 2/18/22

1. Green lunch.

Fresh green peas, turnips, Napa cabbage, all from our Forsyth Park Farmers Market, Savannah, last Saturday.

2. Spoiling HR (Husband Robert, you should know that by now!) with a new “foot spa”

(I’m beginning to wonder how much longer he’s going to play this “I’m-so-sick card.”)

3. Grandaughter Isabelle at her FIRST night of gymnastics last night.

4. Grapes.

5. Yellow.

Weekend Joy to You!

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Neal’s Post from the Past: “First Bite of Meat & the Kardashians”

A ridiculously silly post from back in 2012.


This afternoon, my Grandtwins took their FIRST bite of baby food meat, chicken to be exact.

Here’s Matthew‘s reaction:


And Madison‘s:


Uncannily similar to the response I had when it hit me that Keeping Up with the Kardashians was about to enter its 8th season.

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The View from Behind: “Youngest Grandchild Isabelle”

For some reason, I have always appreciated, even revered, “the view from behind.” As a child, on the first day of each new school year, I was a nervous wreck waiting for the teacher to announce our seating arrangement. Front of the class? 😢 Too much exposure! Too revealing! Too out there! Far too much responsibility to “be.” A nice, comfy seat toward the back? 😁 Perfect. I get to observe, to “see.” To calmly breathe.

In this blog category, “The View from Behind,” I invite you to join me, somewhere in the back.


Here’s youngest grandchild, sweet Isabelle Grace, a while back.

The inquisitiveness, the liveliness, the awakening joy in her eyes.

A new leaf on life. Green.

And I saw it/I see it. All from behind.

Old. Young.

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Basketball Goodnight

So Husband Robert and I took grandtwin Matthew to his rec department basketball practice this evening.

Matthew is the one with his arms spread in the white T-shirt.

His team is in a basketball dance, of sorts.

After practice:

Abu (my grandchildren’s name for me): “Did you have fun?”


That’s all that matters.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers—Christmas Eve/Family Edition 12/24/21

1. Robert’s and my annual holiday ritual of reading our beloved “A Cup of Christmas Tea” and “raising a cup of Christmas cheer to loved ones and family far and near.” (That includes YOU!)

2. Grandson Daniel singing “Hallelujah” with a chorus friend at the Savannah Country Day School Holiday Concert.

(Not that I’m a proud grandfather or anything.)

3. Having a fun early Christmas Luncheon Extravaganza (as I titled it) with ex-wife/great friend Donna at Savannah’s The Pirates’ House Restaurant.

4. Robert’s beautifully delicious and holiday-ish “Watermelon and Kiwi Breakfast Salad” sprinkled with fresh mint and nutmeg, and a side of pickled beets with jalapeño sauce and smoked paprika. (He sounded a little uppity to me when he explained the menu.)

The spiced oranges (we made last night) are pretending to lay low in the pic above. But are trying to steal the show.

5. And finally, recognizing and joyfully acknowledging that ….

Yes, they are. Look and you will see!

Blessed Christmas Eve to you.