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So HR and I went to a new little cafe near us for lunch today.

It was raining, so we went inside.

Delicious sandwiches

But what warmed my heart the most was the little sign as we entered …



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Walking along Bay Street near our place here in downtown Savannah, HR and I caught sight of a little green oval tucked into a planter

We walked closer.

And the universe spoke to us.


A beautifully encouraging message arriving at the perfect time.

I received its truth.

I hope you do too.

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Root Returning

I loved this small excerpt of a lovely Essene meditation posted by Kelly Curtis on the beautifully inspirational blog, Kelly’s Quest.

“Softness fills my days
In this season of autumn light.
Gentle joy of life returning
To know its roots again.”

As we perhaps slow down a bit this autumn, may we mindfully embrace the quiet, deep and abiding joyful health of our roots.

Contemplative Robert and the foggy Savannah River near us.
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Tale as Old as Time

As you might have seen, Angela Lansbury passed away today at age 96.

My Great Friend and Former-Wife Donna and I really loved her. We used to watch her every Sunday night in “Murder She Wrote.”

And, of course, she was the voice of Mrs. Potts in “Beauty and the Beast.”

Grandson Daniel played the part of Chip in the Savannah Children Theatre’s production of “Beauty and the Beast” a few years back.

And here is Angela in the 25th anniversary of Disney’s production of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Joy. Joy.

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The Car’s Blessing

So HR and i were driving home from T.J. Maxx a little while ago, after shopping for a new Gratitude Journal for me …

I’m not sure what the “A” stands for, but it was only $2.99.

Robert‘s attitude, when I found the little journal, indicated that he thought it was kind of too tiny for a journal and sort of sissy-ish. I took that as a great compliment and immediately purchased it.

But that’s all off the subject. So we were driving home, stopped at a red light and saw this …

Wait. Let me get a little closer.

A little bit closer.

Isn’t that gloriously cool?

A blessing from the car in front of us!

I receive it!

And pass it on to you. So look for the good!