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“All is well.”


Trying saying it.  Even out loud.  Just to see how it feels.



A Label-Free World


What an incredible truth!  (And, oh gosh, how it indicts me.)


I LOVE this short video about labeling:




I Survived Plunging Over Niagara Falls! (Seriously!)


On this day 55 years ago, 7-year-old Roger Woodward, who was wearing a life jacket, survived a 162-foot plunge over Niagara Falls after a boating accident. Woodward, who later developed a love of boating, became a certified diver, even joined the Navy, became the first person to go over the Falls by accident and live. He had one peaceful moment during the chaotic, scary incident… (1960)roger-woodward-Niagra rescue-1960-newspaper

While he was going over the brink of the Falls, he said he felt like he was “floating in a cloud. I had no sensation of up or down.” Newspapers called it a “miracle” that he survived the rocky bottom of Horseshoe Falls. It may have been a “water cone” that broke his fall, a phenomenon of water and air bouncing back up from the rocks. The retired white collar worker, who now lives in Alabama suffered only a slight concussion, scrapes and bruises. His first word when rescued in Ontario by the tour boat at the bottom was reportedly, “Gosh”.

— Good News Network

More info:  http://www.infoniagara.com/history/rogerwoodward_miracle.aspx



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