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Thanksgiving in May

For some reason, we are having a bit of a “cold spell” here in Savannah, which is quite unusual for this late in May.

TIB (Truth in Blogging): Frigid for us is anything under 60 degrees. Right now …

It has also been raining all day.

Sidebar: I’ve kept a gratitude journal for eons now. This morning’s additions …

So, when trying to decide what to have for supper, it hit me …


Thus, using whatever ingredients I had on hand, I decided on Green Bean Casserole and Sweet Potato Casserole. Two classics, right?

I got to work.

Oh my goodness. The deliciousness of fall in spring.

A Joyful May of Thanksgiving to You!

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 5/19/23

My weekly gratitude journal, of sorts.

1. This beautiful head of cabbage we got a nearby farm store, Pittman’s Country Market, over in Lyon, Ga.

We were fortunate enough to see the farmers hauling in the freshly picked cabbages.

2. Having dinner with grandson Daniel—far right—and his three best buddies (all actors like him).

Nearly impossible to keep up with their energy, but Robert and I had a blast!

3. Our refrigerator. It keeps things cold! And it even has a section that freezes! Do you have one? What an incredible blessing that I so often take for granted.

4. Robert’s fried (okay, okay, I know, fried) okra (okay, okay, I know, okra) the other evening.


5. And corn on the cob.

I hope you have a delicious weekend ahead.

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Cutesy Tuesday: “The Power of Every Individual”

Today I am starting a new, occasional blog post category: “Cutesy Tuesday,” highlighting what I consider to be cute.

So yesterday, Robert and I went to our favorite produce stand near us here in Savannah, Davis Produce, out near the Atlantic Ocean, and bought a big bunch of stuff.

But mainly pink-eyed crowder peas and okra. Okra is my favorite vegetable in the history of vegetables; okra is HR’s least favorite vegetable in the history of vegetables. Our marriage is vegetatively tenuous.

But looky there in the lower right-hand corner above (well, and below). When I emptied our bag of goodies, I saw him.

A lone peanut.

Somewhat robust, and holding his own against the okra.

I asked him why he came as the lone peanut, crowded out by the crowder peas and okra.

He responded,

Let us move forward as powerful individuals.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 5/12/23

My weekly gratitude journal, of sorts.

1. Grandtwin Matthew as Walt Disney for a school project.

2. “This Cat.” In the early evening, I often walk out to one of our Savannah squares near where HR and I live. To read. And “This Cat” ALWAYS makes an appearance when I go to Warren Square.

“This Cat”

3. Our fingernails and toenails. I’m not exactly sure why they make me happy. But they are such a part of us. And they’re SO determined. You have to cut them pretty often.

4. Exploring the nearby Effingham (County) Historical Museum with a couple of buddies.

5. A dolly from yesteryear.

5. The struggling but still here U.S. Postal Service.

May good health and true happiness be delivered to your door this weekend.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 5/5/23

My weekly gratitude journal, of sorts.

1. Picking strawberries yesterday at Franklin Farm up the road from us in Statesboro (GA).

2. HR and an albino alligator.

Flint RiverQuarium, Albany GA

3. The ability to add and subtract. Thank you, elementary school teachers.

4. Sandy pine cones on south Georgia trails.

Seminole State Park

5. A few pretties on our Friday morning walk here in Historic District Savannah.

Heavenly gardenias


A fountain of daisies

May your weekend produce a garden of joy.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 4/28/23

My weekly gratitude journal, of sorts.

1. Pretty purple blossoming in Savannah squares.

2. Courageous lawmakers who will heed the will of the people in our democracy.

May other states follow Washington’s lead.

3. Metal man hiding in the bushes near us.

4. Our incredible skin which envelopes our bodies and protects us so spectacularly.

5. Packing up our little gay gray car for a weekend trek down to Seminole State Park and the SAM Railroad to Plains, GA.

May your weekend be packed with good!

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 4/14/23

My weekly gratitude journal, of sorts.

1. My Hambone Soup last night, made from the leftover Easter ham.

And for some reason, out of the blue, when I was making the cornbread, I remembered that my mother used to put a heaping teaspoon of mayonnaise into the batter. Makes it creamier.

I also now add chopped jalapeños.

2. Grandson Daniel opening tonight in a three-week run of Les Mis here in Savannah. He plays the role of Marius.

3. The wonderful ability to Remember.

4. Incredibly aromatic jasmine blossoming all over Savannah.

5. Fun lunch today with Robert’s daughter Stennesha.

May you have a yummy weekend ahead.

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Five Friday Happy Bringers 3/31/23

My weekly gratitude journal, of sorts.

1. Finishing with Robert perhaps one of the top three novels we’ve read together in the last ten years …

Oh my goodness, it’s hilarious, heartwarming, heartbreaking, a mystery, a treatise on our economy and banking system, a love story/love stories, an examination of the inevitably difficult dynamics of family. And a book FULL of surprises. I did not want it to end. I miss the characters. I highly recommend it!

What a joy to read a good book.

2. The 2023 Savannah Music Festival.

What a treat! Last night Robert and I went to a bluegrass event with incredible banjoes, fiddles and guitars.

(Just so you know, I played trombone in high school. Okay, I was 3rd chair. And I really never managed to march on the football field and play my instrument at the same time. But still.)

3. Air. Oxygen. Breath.

4. HR finally learning how to photograph me now that I’m 71.

5. This morning walking past my favorite old Savannah mansion which faces Forsyth Park.

May your weekend’s peace and joy be of mansion proportions.

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Hello HuggieKitty

So as some of you know, if you follow my blog, HR’s (Husband Robert’s) older cat Boopers passed away recently.

It was a tough transition for Robert.

Robert and Boopers

Boopers’ “brother” Benny has also had a difficult time adjusting to life without Boopers. Especially at night. They often slept together.

Robert and Benny

So Robert recently ordered a HuggieKitty … “companion” for Benny.


HuggieKitty has a heartbeat!

HuggieKitty can purr!

HuggieKitty even has an insertable heat pack to simulate body warmth!

My first thought when HuggieKitty arrived:

“Robert, do you really think Benny is stupid enough to think that is a real cat?! He is much smarter than that. He will have NOTHING to do with … HuggieKitty“


P.S. I have ordered a HuggieKitty for myself in case Robert gets a job as a night watchman, or something.