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Kanye’s onto Something Big!

Did you see this important announcement?

I love this idea. It’s brilliant! He’s brilliant! It’s healthy! It’s word dieting!

People with long names or names that are difficult for me to remember (90% of all names) should join Ye’s revolution.

For example, take that fellow who said we should all get into “The Flow” to be happy and successful. Remember him? Csikszentmihalyi?

(I just had to take a 15 minute break after simply typing his name. Ruined my blogging flow.)

So anyway, how can I be expected to FLOW when I’m b(l)ogged down with his 20-letter name? I wouldn’t have to be so befuddled if he would simply Ye his name to Yi. Problem solved!

Or take politics.

(Please take politics!)

All that ugly name calling and acrimony might just be taken down a few notches if Kanye, I mean Ye, would be taken seriously and given the respect he deserves.

Let’s start with the President. Well, the President according to a little over half of the nation. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Did you know his middle name is Robinette? Seriously? What were his folks thinking?!

Here’s want Ye and I suggest. “Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.” is Ye’d down to “Bi.” That way the buzz around the President would switch from infrastructure and debt ceiling fighting to Bi’s sexuality. Which is far more intriguing, especially in a fellow his age. (And we all know that Jill is outta the White House often to teach at that community college.)

And what about Donald John Trump, the current President to a little less than half the nation? I just got off the phone with Ye, and we agree the former/current President Trump should now go by …

“Rump.” It’s an easy one syllable (I think), and it sorta fits in a couple of ways.

If the shoe fits.

All that Ye-ing forced me to take a serious look at my own rather messy blog name and see if it could be Ye’d. So from now on, NealEnJoy will simply be “Oy!” Doesn’t that sound hip? It did until Ye looked it up in Merriam-Webster and explained what Oy means.

Oy, gotta rethink my blog name!

I’ll get back with you when Ye and I have a chance to come up with a new name. But I’m afraid it may take a while since Ye told me he’s running for President … again. Isn’t that great news?! Problem is he’s having to send back truckloads of campaign materials because of the name change.

Head’s up: The blog may have to go on hiatus since I’m hitting the campaign trail soon. And I came up with Team Ye’s slogan.

“Ye America Wee Again!”

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Rainbow Joy

Last evening I went to a fun but bittersweet farewell party for good buddy Ellie Covington (who is Texas-bound, Galveston).


After a torrential downfall forced the party onto the carport, the late-stayers ventured out onto the dock by the marsh and saw this …


(Do you see the second one to the right?)




Of course, we all had to get a little silly.




I quickly texted the pic to my fam and got this response from daughter Emily (mother of grandtwins Madison and Mathew) from the other side of Savannah:

“We can hold it too!”




The joyful promise of a rainbow!

May the excitement and happiness of children be with us all, especially Ellie as she makes her move to the next successful stage of her life!

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Five Friday Happy Bringers — 5/22/15

MAY — an incredibly joyful month, don’t you think?

Five Reasons for Happy:

1.  An early morning walk along the McQueens-Tybee Island trail (between Savannah and Tybee Island–10 mins from my apartment).








2.  Grandson Daniel in his end-of-year Who Am I? Research Biography presentation.  (He was Paul McCartney, btw.)








(Okay. okay, maybe I helped him a little with the tri-board.)




(He could only get such coolness from his grandfather.  Seriously.)


The kids had to explain their research, poster-board-presentation-style, to the folks in attendance.



They do that kinda stuff nowadays in 2nd Grade?!  Research?!  All I did in 2nd grade was spend a year of trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to stop crying for mama.


3.  Being a judge for the 2015 Savannah Authors Anthology.  Such fun!


(I want to be a judge … full time.  And get paid.  Exorbitantly.  Call me if you or yours need high-end judging.)

4.  Getting 2015 Beach Ready.


5.  Seafood at Safe Harbor in Mayport, FL.  (After taking the ferry across the St. John’s River on the south end of Amelia Island.)



Safe, Joyful Weekend ahead to you all!