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Birthday CardS

HR is continuing his quirkily unorthodox tradition of giving me MULTIPLE birthday cards. It started on Saturday, continued Sunday and Monday, leading up to today, my actual birthday.

I find them all over the place: in my daily planner, in the front of the tv, even next to the toilet (tmi?).

I used to think it was odd to get more than one bday card from the same person, but now I look forward to Robert’s card extravaganza.

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Bye, Bye, Boopers

Over the weekend, we noticed Robert’s older cat Boopers was having difficulty breathing.

And Sunday, Christmas Day, he was worse.

So Monday morn, HR dropped Boopers off at the vet. We went for breakfast and then got the call that Boopers was probably not going to make it much longer. Robert was shocked. We headed quickly back to the vet, only to be told the moment we walked in that Boopers was crashing. And then, that he had passed away.

Robert got to hold his beloved kitty one final time.

A few Boopers pics from the past.

With brother Benny …