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Longleaf Music

About an hour ago, Robert and I arrived at our Seminole State Park cottage in southwest Georgia on the Florida and Alabama border.

It’s overcast and raining with a threat of severe weather.

We’ve been to this park before and love it, one major reason being the prevalence of our favorite tree, the Longleaf Pine.

Here are a few pines outside our door along the shore of a finger of Lake Seminole. They are swaying gently and singing with the wind in the evening rain.

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Weeds?! Says who?!

So I was minding my own business this morning, waiting “patiently” in the car, while Robert did who knows what at a UPS store.

I looked out my passenger side window and saw this …

“Weeds,” I dismissively thought.

Then the sort of chubby one in the middle said to me, “Why are you judging us?”

And then that smaller one to the left said, “What gives you the right?“

Embarrassed, I looked again.

And then I saw my very favorite color,GREEN, beautifully rejoicing in the morning sun.

And I had to agree with so many other folks smarter than me …


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HR and I drove to our favorite Savannah library this morn to return a book we had just finished. [Boys Come First, our 161st (!) book we have read together.]

Walking out of the Bull Street Library, I saw this incredible old Live Oak …

It rained yesterday, so the resurrection fern was in proud display.

Walk closer with me.

If it doesn’t rain anymore, in a couple of days, the resurrection fern will dry up, be dark brown, and look dead.

Until the next rain.

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The Older I Get

The older I get, the more I like pictures like this that Robert took today at our hiking outing at beautiful Wormsloe Historic Site just outside Savannah.

See? The emphasis is on the early evening light falling on the old cast-iron fence. And NOT on my now-completely white hair or deepening wrinkles.

The oak-lined entrance to Wormsloe

HR and the sun

Hello! From Wormsloe.