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The Liar

The Horrific Liar continues to lie, erroneously sustaining his quest to destroy our democracy.

May his dangerously anti-democratic voice grow dimmer and dimmer.

May Truth destroy the Lie.

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Bad Advice? No, Insane Advice: “Stay Outta Girls’ Bathrooms, Pete Buttigieg!”

If you have followed my blog for a while, you may remember that I have a recurring humorous blog category called “Bad Advice.”But for this post, I feel compelled to change the name to “INSANE ADVICE!”

You may have seen in the news that former President Trump was here in Georgia this past weekend for another one of his “rallies.” House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was a “warm up act” for him.

Here are a couple of sentences from her opening act.


I didn’t realize that our Secretary of Transportation and his husband Chasten were hanging out in girls’ bathrooms!


We need a Marjorie Taylor Greene Vaccine. She is beyond ignorant. She’s dangerously ignorant. And an embarrassment to my wonderful state.

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Cuts Can Be Comely

Here’s my very first post celebrating BeckyB’s TreeSquare in her October PastSquare challenge. (You will find a link to the challenge below.)

I usually have a very uncomfortable “Yikes” visceral reaction when I think about the word “cut.” But not recently when walking the lovely fall Habersham Woods Garden Tour (here in Savannah).

This stately old Live Oak actually had her beauty increased by her multiple cuts. Don’t you think?

Oh, what Mother Nature can teach us!

Daily Squares: Theme – Past- Hosted by Becky at the Life

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