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Breaking News–Sir Riboclavin’s Castle!

Buddy Riboclavin (see #3 in yesterday’s Five Friday Happy Bringers) just sent more pics from his Irish holiday.

And.  He.  Is.  Staying.  In.  A.  Castle.

I just assumed he would be lodging at Ireland’s equivalent to Motel 6 or Sleep Inn.  But no–a real, live castle!  It’s called Ashford Castle.  When Ribo told me where he was staying, I hooted and asked him to find a throne or something to sit on and snap a pic, but so far these are what I’ve gotten:

I wanna be in a castle!  With a moat around it.  Maybe sitting outside in tweed, drinking mulled cider or grog.

Or perhaps wearing this:

Maybe listen to some music:

Rustle around a bit:

Eat a huge turkey leg:


If you have a moated castle, let me know ASAP.  Thank you.

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