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Hello Anxiety: “A Tale of Two Happy’s”

(Or is the plural of “Happy” spelled “Happies”? The jury seems to be out on that question.)

This blog category is the journaling and journey-ing of my quest to say (with cautious sincerity) “Hello, Anxiety” and to take a look at the condition from my “me-andering” views.

I LOVE yellow. It’s such a standout HAPPY color.

Bouquet in the lobby of Resorts World Catskills back in July
Field near the hotel
Atlanta Botanical Garden

I also love Happy. Happiness. Happier.

I even have a Happy Cup! Don’t you?

I like him because he’s always happy. No matter which way you turn or spin him. No matter what you put in him. Even hot coffee! Even with his fine line wrinkles (look at pic closely).

The cute little jokester!

A contributing factor to my ongoing issue/challenge/frustration with anxiety is that I aspire to be that Happy Cup. After all, I write a blog named “NealEnJoy”! So when Unhappy (i.e., breathing difficulty, fear of nausea, etc.) comes a knockin, my first response is often to ignore it (as if) and with gritted teeth BE HAPPY. Or more honestly put, pretend to be happy.

This opposites-competing cognitive dissonance is not fun or … happy. Try though I do to keep happiness wound up.


Here’s my Happy Holder. What, you don’t have one?

He doesn’t turn around or spin in quite the same way as my Happy Cup.

And he irritatingly tells me that my blog should more truthfully be named “NealDoesn’tALWAYSEnJoy.” Because Neal (or anyone else) doesn’t always.

“Backside” thinks he’s so smart he even quotes Jung.


But I have to confess that I still prefer Holder’s “front” side …

11 thoughts on “Hello Anxiety: “A Tale of Two Happy’s”

  1. Yes, wallered around in the Jung some while back. He can be fun. From reading and hanging with the occasional therapist, I felt encouraged to embrace my shadow. Or at least become acquainted in order to better know myself. It led to my own corollary: To embrace your shadow you must turn your back to the light. Some who know me seem to think I have embraced my shadow too firmly and am keeping bad company. There have been accusations of nihilism including from a therapist. When asked to define nihilism it she told me that it is a belief in nothing. I told her I could not possibly be a nihilist because I did not believe in it. Where do you go from there?

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  2. Hi Neal, no happy faces here, yet I have lots of yellow, sunshine items, like art with sunflowers, bees and landscapes, vases, candles, throw pillows. I love 🟡 and it helps my anxiety. I hope and pray you are well.

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