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Good News

Did you see this breaking news?

Yes! Wonderful!

Here are a few pics from my marriage ceremony with Robert back in 2016.

Daughters Amy and Sarah

Beautiful memories. And now it seems that our marriage will be protected.


P.S. But WHY, tell me why, would 36 Republican senators vote AGAINST codifying gay marriage? Against Robert and me being married? What is their reasoning?

14 thoughts on “Good News

  1. I think Imay have told you that the best wedding I have ever been to was the wedding of a dear friend in London. He married a man from Finland and they had a combination Jewish/ Finnish ceremony followed by dinner. They have been married for at least 8 years now and are still ridiculously happy. My friend had a nasty battle with throat cancer which was a terrible worry as he is an actor. But he came through it and his other half was always by his side during the ordeal. You and Robert look very happy in your wedding photos!

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      1. Ah well I hope that will resolve for you soon. Today I had a pretty good balance day and could actually bend over and pick up Biasini’s hooves one by one to clean out the bottoms with a hoof pick. I find my head gets the blues with not being able to ride but our son is coming home for Christmas and arrives Dec 18 so that bucks me up to a happier mood.

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      2. HaHA. I think he would agree. While he is here i will be taking a break from blogging. He lives in London and befoe the Pandemic se woudl go over twice a year to see him but now we have not seen him since last Christmas. So while he is here I like to spend as much time as I can with him.

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  2. They think you are evil
    … pedophile
    …have an agenda
    … aren’t human
    the list could probably go on indefinitely
    at least 12 members of the GOP have a heart that isn’t completely black

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