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Dear Fears


JoyInciter #2 — “Walking Into”

We’re about to walk into a brand new year–2014! Let’s make sure we walk where we WANT to walk. Here’s a post I did a while back about the importance of “walking into” that which is most important to us. So, come on, let’s walk!


Recently, I introduced the JoyInciters, a collection of simple practices which I use regularly to increase the level of happiness and joy in my life.  The first one was what I called my Thanksgiving Book, or gratitude journal.  Have you started one?  No?  Well maybe get one going this weekend.  And remember to tell me about it.

Now please allow me to tell you briefly about a second practice, which is SO very simple but SO much fun and, I believe, helps create a very healthy pattern of thinking.  MUCH of being joyful in life has more to do with our habitual thinking patterns, or mindsets–more so even than our actual circumstances.  And, as I’m sure you have noticed, that little person inside our minds sometimes has very negative things to say:

“I could never do a class project as incredible as the ones Dr. Saye showed us in…

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Phil Robertson: “Marry Little Girls”


Dear A&E:

Are you still supportive of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson? He is now advocating MEN marrying little GIRLS.

That’s fine with you, A&E, right?

“You got to marry these girls when they are about 15 or 16, they’ll pick your ducks,” proclaims Phil.

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