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Addendum—The Abomination #2: “Daniel Defense & Death”

Did you see the now-deleted Daniel Defense tweet posted about a week before the Texas mass shooting? (Daniel Defense is the Savannah-based firearms company that made the assault weapon the Texas shooter used to murder 21 children and adults.)



It is pure EVIL to use the Bible and little children to encourage civilians to buy and use assault weapons designed and intended for the military.

7 thoughts on “Addendum—The Abomination #2: “Daniel Defense & Death”

  1. It all disgusts me. This is not the same “United” States of America I was born into just a few months before our bicentennial in July 1976. I’m worried for our country’s future. The pendulum must swing back in the other direction today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. TODAY B

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  2. That photo is so depressingly sad! Breaks my heart. PBS had a feature last night that showed photos of each child killed. Also the news reader told us what the family had to tell us about the child and their interests , sports and accomplishments at school. I was in tears by the end. I wonder if the Governor has any second thoughts about the legislation he brought in to make it easier for younger people to get guns and not need any license or training or background checks. From what I have seen from him so far he thinks he was right and the the killer was just a nut case. Breaks my heart!!

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  3. I was in the Army 23 years and served in Korea, Somalia and the Iraq war 4 times. I have seen infantry men, soldiers who killed the enemy with assigned assault weapons deeply traumatized because they had to kill and saw their brother’s blood on their vehicles. Assault weapons are made for one reason, to shoot, to kill! Don’t be fooled, this was not the design of scripture. Remember, even the devil (satan) could quote the scriptures but only Christ brings life with his words (My words are spirit and life)

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