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The Difficult Truth of 1619 — #9

A blog category examining the difficult yet enlightening TRUTH found in The 1619 Project. (I encourage you to read the book!)

Let’s take a closer look at the historical, racist and almost always overlooked hypocrisy of the 2nd Amendment.

“ A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

The scholar Carl T. Bogus writes in a law review article, “The Hidden History of the Second Amendment”:

“As a Virginian, Madison knew that the militia’s prime function in his state, and throughout the South, was slave control. His use of the word ‘security’ in the Second Amendment is consistent with his writing the amendment, for the specific purpose of assuring the southern states, and particularly his constituents in Virginia, that the federal government would not undermine their security against slave insurrection by disarming the militia.” (p. 257, The 1619 Project)

”The second amendment, ratified in 1791, codified for white citizens the right to bear arms and to protect themselves. If there were any doubts about who these rights pertained to, they were put to rest in 1800, when Virginia governor James Monroe called out several regiments of the state’s militia to thwart, before it could begin, a widespread revolt planned by an enslaved man named Gabriel, and then to hunt him and the other participants down.”

“As the historian Herbert Aptheker wrote in ‘American Negro Slave Revolts,’ as word of Gabriel’s revolt spread, the ‘nation from Massachusetts to Mississippi was terror-stricken.’ The response was to double down and make more explicit through legislation the prohibitions on Black people owning guns.”

“One Virginian wrote in the local newspaper that ‘we must reenact all those rigorous laws which experience has proved necessary to keep slavery within bounds. In a word, if we will keep a ferocious monster in our country, we must keep him in chains.’” (p. 257. Full documentation available in the Notes section of the book.)


The 2nd Amendment continues to be misinterpreted and misconstrued today by far-right extremists, the NRA (and the politicians they own), as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.

Just up the road from Robert and me … Daniel Defense — the Gun Death and Murder Company which supplied the assault weapon used in the Texas Uvalde massacre.

Can’t afford two grand? No problem. Three months interest free financing!


Is there any answer to all this centuries-long deadly injustice?

If so, I surmise it will be found in voting out those politicians who continue to sustain laws (and introduce new ones) which enable potential domestic mass terrorists. Who continue to revel in the glory of guns. Who place the value of the dollar above (far above) the value of human life. Who refuse to even entertain the idea of common sense gun laws.

Midterm elections are on the horizon.

May they portend a new birth of Just Good.

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Gun Insanity: “Embarrassing USA Statistics”

“The United States, with less than 5 percent of the world’s population, has 46 percent of the world’s civilian-owned guns, according to a 2018 report by the Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey.

It ranks number one in firearms per capita.

The United States also has the highest homicide-by-firearm rate of the world’s most-developed nations.”

Sometimes I disagree with Lee Greenwood—and I am not proud to be an American.”

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Addendum—The Abomination #2: “Daniel Defense & Death”

Did you see the now-deleted Daniel Defense tweet posted about a week before the Texas mass shooting? (Daniel Defense is the Savannah-based firearms company that made the assault weapon the Texas shooter used to murder 21 children and adults.)



It is pure EVIL to use the Bible and little children to encourage civilians to buy and use assault weapons designed and intended for the military.

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The Abomination #2: “Daniel Defense & Death”

A blog category looking at our nation’s deadly gun insanity.

I woke up this morning and went to my local news app to see if our new friend Wade Herring made it into the runoff for the U.S. House of Representatives for our district. He did!

But the moment of happiness lasted for just that—one moment. For then my eyes trailed down to the next news headline.

Daniel Defense is a gun and ammunition manufacturing company here in Savannah. HR and I pass it every time we drive north on I-16.

When I discovered that Daniel Defense had made the assault weapon found on the Texas shooter, I went to their website. And saw this:

(Easier to read in the second block below.)

The $100 million dollar a year Manufacturer of Death made no mention of their culpability, no mention of perhaps reassessing the need for stronger common sense gun laws. Just assurance of their cooperation, their sadness, and that all of them at Daniel Defense are on their knees praying for the families of the dead children.

But look closer at the pic above. Can you see something behind the “apology”?

What joy! There’s a contest! A drawing!

You can win $15,000 for ammo or guns or whatever you want! Well, except for the life back for your dead child. Dead child murdered with a Daniel Defense assault weapon.

Look deeper on the website and read the joyfully enthusiastic words of Marty Daniel, founder of Daniel Defense:

“We love making high quality products and, quite simply, care about our customers more than any of our competitors do. That’s what got me started in this business back in 2000. I like well-made products – products that exceed expectations for accuracy, durability, reliability, style, and value. We know how much our customers care, and that’s what makes working in this business so much fun. Thanks so much to all of our loyal customers, and for those of you new to our brand. Isn’t it time you got a Daniel?”

Isn’t it time for our sad nation to garner the courage to embrace and pass stricter common sense gun laws?

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The Abomination #1: “An Imagined ‘Conversation’ between God and Two Republican Governors”

A blog category looking at our nation’s deadly gun insanity.

God: “My children are dying. Being killed with guns.”

Texas Governor Abbott: “We know! But guns don’t kill people. It’s a mental health issue. People kill people.”

God: “Guns don’t kill people?! Are you serious?”

Georgia Governor Kemp: “Yes. We need more guns, easier access to guns. Then we will all be safer.”

God: “I sent you the Prince of Peace.”

The Two Republican Governors in Unison: “Peace is not enough. We need guns. We are backed by the NRA. Here’s our plan: whenever a young person turns 18, let’s give her and him a gun. Safety is in guns. We celebrate guns! We worshi-, we mean we REVEL in guns!”

God: (speechless)