8 thoughts on ““I Just Don’t”

  1. I don’t uderstand it either Neal. Iknow I’m Canadian and we don’t have anything in our consititution about any right to bear arms but seriously?? Why does he want to let this happen. I can only imagine how many people will loose their lives because of this. 😢

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    1. Americans have a right to bears arms in order to prevent tyranny, government overreach, and totalitarianism, things that are happening in Canada right now. Trudeau would not be so arrogant, malicious, and domineering if all Canadians owned guns. No sensible American is going to give up his constitutional rights because of a few nut jobs running around. And I have lots of relatives in Canada.

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      1. The Second Amendment forbids any infringement. If assault weapons are what it takes to keep the government in check, then so be it. By the way, AR does not stand for assault rifle, and they are not considered assault weapons.


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