5 thoughts on “How Many More?

  1. That says what ? The President has zero power to do anything or he doesn’t care, ya know like every other President it seems. 🙄 This is a problem on 3 levels, Federal, State and Local

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    1. You are so correct Matt! The trouble is on all three levels of government and how they “see” us as “other” not worth the money they get from guns sales, gun lobbyists and gun corporations. Our lives are just a number but money is a greater number so we don’t matter even as the number of deaths increase. Sad!

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      1. Totally and utterly ridiculous Robert that greed far out weighs human decency and life. It’s pathetic all around, our Government (By the people and for the people “people primarily being the government”) has pushed so far away, that I no longer care to be associated with it or with the process. I’m an unaffiliated voter, yet I find it very funny that Democrats, the party I was once proud to be, never try to recruit me back. Only douchebag repugnanticans ever send me propaganda in the USPS.

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