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Five Friday Happy Bringers 11/18/22

My weekly list of a few “joy inciters” in my life. A Friday Gratitude Journal, of sorts.

1. The beautiful bottlebrush plant we saw recently on a walk here in Savannah.

What a cool and fitting name! And it’s SO friendly. It colorfully whispered in my ear, “You know, Neal, Christmas is coming! Joy to the world!”

2. Pine. Oh, the glorious appearance and aroma of pine!

3. Comfortable shoes.

4. Always having enough food to eat. (I so often take that blessing for granted.)

Robert’s Baked Fall Zucchette Butternut Squash Pasta (with sausage)

5. The beach.

Tybee Island, near us.

May Peace shine on you this weekend before Thanksgiving.

7 thoughts on “Five Friday Happy Bringers 11/18/22

  1. Comfortable shoes.These cannot be underrated. And I take food for granted as well. Many in the world are not so fortunate. This Christmas my riding coach is not going to hold a big party like she usually does. She has asked all of us to bring some non perishable food to the barn and put it into the boxes she has left out and they will be taken to a local food bank. The food banks in Toronto and north of the city as well have said they are overwhelmed with demand due to the increase in food prices. So even here in the first world there are people who cannot take food for granted.

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