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Five Friday Happy Bringers (10/25/13)

Can you believe it’s the Last Friday in October?!   Wasn’t it the 4th of July just a couple weeks ago?

Joy finds us in so many ways.  Here are five.

1.  The Joy of Grandchildren.  (At such an INCREDIBLY young grandfather age.)


(Grandsons Gabriel and Daniel swinging with Grandtwins Matthew and Madison)

2.  This heartwarming, sad but Uplifting Video from a children’s hospital in New Hampshire.


May children everywhere find ways to ROAR.

(Watch the video a second time–you’ll “see” the various kids clearer.)

3.  Believing this Beautifully Truthful Affirmation:


4.  Roses


5.  Kale



(Did I make too much?)

ROAR this weekend!  It’s your last chance to do so in a 2013 October weekend.  (Eat some kale–it’ll help you roar more ferociously.) 


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