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T-Shirt Tuesday “We’re All Connected”

On our morning walk in the mall today (with all the other “it’s-too-hot-to-walk-outside” old folks), HR and I came across this t-shirt in the window of one shop. Robert immediately suggested it for T-shirt Tuesday.

I didn’t quite get it at first. It just looked like an expensive Nike t-shirt.

But there was something about the first photo I took (capturing some neat reflections from behind) that exuded a bit of otherworldliness.

So I looked closer.

And closer.

Mentally removing the “Nike,” I appreciated the truthfulness of the quirky artwork.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad we are connected.

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I Can’t

Kiwi: “I’m sorry, but I can’t elope with you.”

Cantaloupe: “I just don’t understand. I keep peppering you with my affection.” 


Does your breakfast talk like this when you are trying to start your day?!

It gets on my last nerve.

(FYI: I put freshly ground black pepper on everything.)

(FYI 2: Robert thinks it’s a little weird too.)

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T-shirt Tuesday: “I Survived”

Yesterday, I hit a chronological milestone. I turned 70. I should have worn this t-shirt …

I woke up to flowers from Robert.

Lots of flowers …

And cards from Robert, lots of cards (he has this tradition of giving more than just one card for special occasions, which at first I thought was a little over the top but now LOVE) …

And lots of new t-shirts from Robert (do you see a trend here?) …

A beautiful day. Greetings and best wishes from family and friends.

And a hand-me-down Apple Watch!

Finally, as I promised in my recent thrilling colonoscopy post, an update on the birthday steak dinner at Toni’s Steakhouse which the “doctor-helper nurse” suggested just before the “anesthesia nurse” put me to sleep.

We opted for the New York strip with broccoli and potato.

What a joy to have lived through the Sixties two times now!