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Tybee or Not Tybee?

Sunday has always been a mixed-blessing day to me. I realize that technically (at least from the Christian church perspective) Sunday is the BEGINNING of the new week, right? But let’s be honest–doesn’t it really feel more like the end? Right now it’s 8:58 p.m., and little tears are beginning to form in my eyes because the weekend is at its close.


First, I slept in and walked to J. Christopher’s for an interesting-looking and delicious-tasting breakfast, their spinach-bacon skillet:

Capital Y Yum. (But seriously, does it look more like a skeleton, a rabbit or Mickey Mouse to you? I couldn’t decide.)

Now this next part is bad, and you will probably judge me and call me mean names, such as “heathen” and “reprobate,” but I decided to skip my usual Sunday morning church attendance today. I’m not sure why. Instead, feeling aromatic, I wandered around Savannah’s historic district and smelled gardens. Then I drove to Tybee Island to smell the salt watery beach. (Part of the reasoning here went something like this: “Walking beside the ocean waves and breathing deeply will be like having a gigantic Neti Pot working on my allergies.” I’m so good at affirmations now that I can come up with one to justify ’bout anything: “This maple frosted Dunkin Donuts donut is a warm, joyful nugget of golden comfort and love.” )

When I crossed the bridge onto the island and got to the light at Chu’s, something told me (I like how “something told me” sounds–as if I’m a big-time metaphysical) to turn left and go to the lighthouse. So I did. The rest of today’s post will be primarily visual, with few commercial interruptions–just an occassional/explanatory/superfluous note.

I don’t know what made me want to fire upon the lighthouse. But after being told to leave the property, I RAN down to the beach, rolled up my jeans, (Isn’t that supposed to be cool? If so, why was I the ONLY one on the beach with long pants, and why didn’t it occur to me to wear something like, I don’t know, a bathing suit?!) and pretended to be a famous blogger looking for material.

Here I am standing on a rock. Remember, Sunday is a slow news day.

And here I am posing with a beautiful couple, Tamara and Pernell, that I ran into (okay, interrupted) as they were being photographed in various spots along the gorgeous, sparkling beach.

All in all a really fun afternoon at the ocean.

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