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Five Friday Happy Bringers (5/17/13)

Happy happy, bo-bappy.  Banana fanna, fo fappy. Fe fi mo mappy.  Happy!   (Did I do that right?  I’ve spent about 45 minutes, trying it out with every relative’s name I can think of.  I keep messing up.)

Friday.  Happy  Here’s Five:

1.  A little bundle of joy.


(Grandtwin Madison)

2.  This funny ad about rum.


“When you hurry through life, you just get to the end faster.”

3.  Corn bread.  Here’s some I made to go with cabbage and sausage the other night.


4.  This great quote about talking your JOY.


5.  Grandtwin Matthew feeding Tyler.


May your weekend overflow with joy talk and joy walk.

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